Off on Hols!


I'm going to be away on my holidays on Sunday for just over two weeks. I'm off to Thailand, and will get back on June 26th.

Any emails to the site and any problems (croping up as they do in the comp) I probably wont be able to respond to or deal with promptly or until I get back.

So apologies in advance for any disruption to normal service, but I'll certainly check the site and my email whenever I get the chance even if its just at an internet cafe.

The competition will still go ahead for next month, but it's unlikely that any mistakes with order etc will be resolved. So fingers crossed everything runs smoothly.

All the best and best luck to England in the World Cup (certainly glad to be able to watch the matches at a more respectable hour),

You deserve it Paul.........Hope you're out of the market in these volatile times !!!

Have a great holiday

Now back!

Competition seems to be running smoothly, though I noticed the index prices on the front page, aren't updating correctly - will fix that. Any emails received should be answered shortly if not already.

Welcome back Sharky.
Hope you had a good holiday, bet your'e all relaxed and tanned, (grrrr),
by the way what happened to the pivot points for our future/ftse on the front page?

Well welcome back, hope you enjoyed every second of it :)

Yeah it was really great! Thoroughly recommend Thailand as one of the top holiday destinations, we had a fabulous time.. hotels were excellent, food was fantastic, the people friendly and a few pounds goes a long way over there. Perhaps I might even add one of the holiday snaps to the members gallery, if you're really unlucky!

Hi options, about the pivot points, the indices should now be displaying correctly - but the pivots get updated during market hours so only use them before the US market opens, until I fix that too - sometime before the end of this week!