Off on Hols


I shall be away on hols in Edinburgh from Thurs 16th April to Mon 21st April. Inevitably there will be a delay in replying to any emails received or posts about the website until I return. Hopefully with a bit of luck I might make it to an internet cafe over the weekend.. just don't let on to my girlfriend.

Happy Easter from T2W!



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Have a good one Paul.

Remember, just because they make scotch there does not mean you have (really really have) to drink it.



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Another one!

You're not starting to take libertys are you sharks. You've only just had a day off for Christmas.

Internet cafes? What's wrong with taking the laptop.
The other half won't mind. :p


I was thinking of going there for this New Years Eve but I guess it is really popular now and I should start to look into it, if its not too late already. I'd be interested to know where you stayed and what you thought of it when you get back Sharky.

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hmmmmm Sharky - Your posting again.

Now either your back, found an Internet cafe or your other half has caught you at an Internet cafe and has kicked you out :confused:

I hope it is the first one.

Did you have a good trip away?



Caught red handed! Yes I'm back, in fact I got back late last night.

Never made it to an internet cafe in the end, there just doesn't seem to be any in Edinburgh. But there was access at the hotel and I did get online Sunday afternoon in order to set up the competitions.

Mags_g, I loved Edinburgh - it's a beautiful city. We stayed at the Holyrood hotel which is at the bottom end of the Royal Mile near the Holyrood palace. It was a very nice hotel and we got a good deal with (you didn't think I'd book on the phone now!?!) - it was also recommended on the website and it certainly lived up to it.

In terms of things to do and see we managed to do quite a bit considering we were only there for three full days. You have to visit the Castle - its perched on an imposing volcanic crag and dominates the skyline and if you can try to make it there for 1pm when they fire the cannon each day. Next door is the Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre where you can enjoy a free dram of whiskey on the tour and marvel at the dozens of different brands on sale.

Also worth going on a walking tour,

The restaurants we went to were mostly recommended in the Rough Guide to Scotland and included such delights as seafood in Leith @ the Ship on the Shore, indian with a fusion of scottish @ Suruchi in the Old Town and a very nice french bistro which wasn't in the guide but we stumbled upon in the Grassmarket - which also happened to be where the Beehive Inn is located, which marked the beginning of the Edinburgh Literary Pub Tour which is not just a pub crawl around various watering holes in the Old and New Town, but also an entertaining theatrical show led by a couple of well versed actors.

Finally we enjoyed visiting the Queen's retired ship Britannia moored in Leith docks, shopping on Prince's Street (the Oxford Street of Edinburgh), enjoying some hearty Scottish breakfasts with black pudding and hagis, walking trips to the South Bridge vaults and haunted graveyard and taking a look round Scotland's answer to the Millennium Dome at the Dynamic Earth exhibition.

Phew!! I'm exhausted just thinking about all that, but we some how managed to fit that all in at a very leisurely pace.

Well worth a visit!



Well no sooner am I away to Edinburgh, I'm off again on my travels - this time to Genoa, Italy for my cousin's wedding. Therefore I won't be available to answer emails, posts on the bb until my return next Monday 12th May.



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Have a good trip.....

try out some sea food from african tiger prawns and tilapia fish....

some good eateries around Strada Aldo Moro (if I remember the name of the road !!! )

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