Sharky on Hols


Just to let you all now, I'm off on my hols tomorrow for a week and won't be back until Thurs 20th Nov.

The site will hopefully run itself with a bit of help from our daily contributers and moderators, and I'm not anticipating any problems whilst away (fingers crossed!).

But if you email or private message me or the site, I may not be able to respond immediately and possibly now until the end of next week unless I can get to an internet connection (but it may be on pain of death if my partner were to discover me hunched over a terminal in the early hours).

I'm off to Sharm-el-Sheikh in Egypt, as it's my first time out there I'm not sure what to expect, but I hear the scuba-diving is excellent (so I might well try it, and finally swim with the rest of the sharks - so you'll know whats up if you don't hear from me again!).

On a more serious note, please be advised that delivery times for purchases in the store WILL unfortunately be affected, those purchases which are delivered over the internet like Sierra Charts maybe take a little longer than usual (possibly next-day rather than same-day). But any item normally delivered by Special Delivery will not be dispatched until the end of next week.
Hi Paul

Have a good time!

Which sharks are you going to swim with? dont bov with the ones thats been discussed on this site :LOL:

Ill have to send you some more dolphins !!!