Competition resumes next week


Just to let you know, I've been busy today fixing the problems with the weekly competition and so next week's competition goes ahead as usual!

Apologies for the time taken to get the show back on the road, I know I've missed checking during the week to see how everyones picks are doing!

All the best,
Hi sharky,

hope your holiday was good.

Given the market sentiment any chance of letting us have two shorts?

(only joking).
Well after a few teething problems this morning, the competition is back on track. If there is any discrepencies with the price, at the mo we are using friday close then let me know as I havent had a chance to check the validity of all the start prices. We've got a better feed now so we might move over to monday morning open price instead, perhaps next week. Good luck to all the contestants!

ps. Holiday was good thanks Darth!