Competition Results- Day One


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Well ! What a day!We gotta have a laugh at some of these highlights.Biggest one has to be Day Raider- he's got his picks the wrong way round! His long is goin down, and his Short is going up.(hehe).Poor old Gordon! he's given away a 2nd place by wrongly selecting Short instead of long!
Y2K would be winner of Shorts (-4.2%) but his selection QSP he had as a did Nipper with CML....

Congrats to Cigar in 1st palce with 11.76%, dropping from 14% or so during the day. 2nd place is Uncle with WMG @ 5.18%, and third is yours truly ChartMan with CAt @ 3.36%

1st is that man Uncle again with PIZ @ -3.52%
2nd is Sefty with MONI @ - 3.57%
3rd is Darth Trader and Titus-UK with BLM @ - 1.45%

So here's the list- sorry if it's not too informative- maybe tomorrow..


PS best overall by a long way is Uncle with both his picks the right way round, AND in the top 3.Well done!
Roll on tomorrow, when my CAT will fly away...

There is a glaring error in the calc. for EPF :(
10p-10.5p = +5% sorry to Waldorf for that- moves him to 4th place...

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I'll sell on Monday. Never been in profit before in a competion so I'll enjoy the experience.

One slight thought on the rules. Using Mondays opening price.. penalises a share that gaps up on Monday morning from Fridays close.

all good fun.
Hi Chartman, Its going to be a tough old comp if you treat me this way. EPF...... long and EPF.....short wheres me short gone, if closing the long .Opening spread on Advfn's trade was bid 9.50 offer 9.75 if thats not enough open 10p close 10.5p = + 5% gain. Its only a game, Doh!!

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Waldorf, You're absolutely right. I never was much good at maths or excel.I did tell them.....Keep your eyes on it and let me know if it's wrong again.....Put's you up a few notches eh?
Don't worry about opening prices, hopefully it'll come out in the wash and we wont have to worry about 1/4 p or so, because you'll be so far ahead of the rest.......:)

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