Competition Results Day Two


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No surprises here- Cigar still in the lead with 17.65%.New in at 2nd is Waldorf with an impressive 12.5% today, pushing Uncle down to third with 7.9%.Chartman coming on slow but steady.......
For the shorters, Shellman's in the hot seat with 4.12%, coming good from yesterday, pushing Uncle into 2nd with 3.33% and ChartMan/Hill creeping into 3rd with BSY @ 2.57%
Y2K saves some face today, finally going in the right direction.........Roll on tomorow!

Dont worry Shel

I suspect you'll bounce to the top with your BHM short tomorrow!
Hope you're right Mark..i'm playing this one for real.
Would liked to have closed the comp short this am but rules are rules (bah)
I presume the rules do'nt permit me to go long once i cover the short, ala my cunning plan in the 'entries' thread.
Can you confirm Chartman?
No you cant go long sorry- but you will next time round IF the new fully automated competition BB is up and running....
The question how complicated do we want to make it.

Do we want to be able to open, close then reopen during the week. Do we allow you to short and then reinvest the proceeds into more shares going long. That sort of thing. How many shares can you pick etc..

Anything is possible, but its striking the right balance and not making it overly complex, or two simple - and at the end of the day keeping it fun.