Competition Results Day Four


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Mark my words of Yesterday! I said Dabrom was the one to watch!He's moved up another10% today, rocketing him to first place and knocking Cigar off his perch who has clearly peaked too early!Cigar ended the day 5% down, resulting in a week's gain of 16.58%. Chartman continues steady growth putting on 0.5% to end at 9.12% in third place.
Of the Shorters,Antny would be in the lead but picked CTC as a long......Martymcc takes the lead with LOG losing a further 3% today,taking his week's loss to 9.3%.Chartman and Hill slide down into second place with BSY losing another 3% today ending at a loss of 8.15% for the week. Shrewd Shelman closed his position yesterday( smart call) and has ended at a loss of 7.94% .Is this smart enough? Will BSY and Logica lose ground tomorrow and hand the spoils to Shelman....Tomorrow will reveal all!
If you want to track the day's contenders, Chartman only needs a gain of just 1% against Dabrom and Cigar to claim victory. BUT it's a funny old game and who knows- there could be a dark horse lurking in the form of Antny with CTC, or another big gain from Dabrom and TOA......