The Competition Hots up! Day Three


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Well! What a day. Stocks all over the place.So here's how they closed:
In first place, and where else, Cigar ( gis a puff) Stays well ahead in 1st. place, moving up another 5% to 22.46%.
Waldorf slips out of his early 2nd.position to be replaced by ChartMan, increasing his gains to a solid 8.38%.Uncle remains in 3rd. place, dropping a tad to 7.63%.
Biggest mover of the day was Dabrom, taking a healthy 7% rise on the day- the one to watch!
Of the shorters, Shelman is still creaming it in 1st place , putting on another healthy 3.5% loss to end at almost -8%. 2nd place Uncle got the boot to be replaced by Martymcc,whose LOG gave up 6% today to end at -7.3%.3rd place Nipper also lost his place, being taken by Titus-UK whose BLM gave up 6.8% to end up at 5.88% down.

So at the half way, Cigar has a stong claim to the LONG spoils and Shelman the SHORT. BUT there's another 2 days to go and there could be a dark horse lurking there somewhere, especially considering the unexplained caning some stocks took today!

So here's the table:


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Dear Mr. Chartman
I would like to cover my short on BHM @ todays mid close of 893.
I cant wait for the NAS to close more urgent issues are afoot...namely my alcohol deprived liver.
Thank you