Fantasy Portfolio's


We are going to set up some fantasy portfolios to track the performance of AIQ, Omnitrader, and any other trading systems we can find. We will start this on Monday 29th Jan.
We are hoping Chartman will supply the trades for AIQ from his Holy Grail picks.

These will be the rules.

The trades will traded with CMC. At opening prices
Trades can be placed long or short.
We will start each portfolio with £5k on margin this will give £25k of funds
A 7% stop will be moved with the trade as it progresses and will be strictly adhered to.
The trade size will be £2000 of stock with a maximum of 10 stocks. This leaves a cash reserve.
The stops will be set on the trade when they are placed.

Any suggestions welcomed

[Edited by MX on 23-01-2001 at 07:41 AM]
Will the trailing Stop be activated on an intra day or end of day price?

Would prefer to see a tighter Stop than 7% but then not quite sure what time scale you propose working to.