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CURE reached the stop loss order yesterday.

I'm going to do it my way.
This is not the first time that I trade. My first time trading was like 10 years ago and now it is my profession.
I write again that I am not in a hurry at all. I remain calm and I trust myself. Stock market trading is a marathon, not a sprint. (...)

This example may explain my comment that triggered your response. There are two traders ---- most of ones trades get stopped out for a loss and the other exits most of his positions on limit stops for a profit. Can you make a judgement about the quality of the position entry decisions being made by each trader?

The following is the market timer portfolio:
(The chart is updated on a weekly basis.)


Up until now I have adopted a prudent and defensive investment strategy, but now I´ll search a more aggressive valorization strategy opting for an increased market exposure, in order to catch the benchmark index. At the same time, however, I will take into account the 6-month unfavorable seasonality period, which begins on May 1 and ends on October 31 of the same year, and I will keep my eyes wide open to the possibility of trend reversion in the coming months.
The following daily chart gives a short-term perspective for Apple Inc: (NASD: AAPL)

AAPL rallied since the stock put in a bottom in April 4, 2013. Since then, the stock already climbed 18,32%.
At the moment, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) is above the previous high, and despite the price is still lower than the previous high, 463,53, I think this is a positive sign. Another positive sign is that the exponential moving average 10 green has just crossed with the rise the exponential moving average 50 purple, something that did not happen for a long time.

The following table shows the Recently auxiliary calculation:


The following is the market timer portfolio update:
(The chart is updated on a weekly basis.)


The portfolio still remains lower than the benchmark (S&P 500), and is still far from having developed its full potential, but it is now positive. I think more in portfolio result than in trade results. I will buy, sell and adjust the weight of each security in the portfolio on a dynamic basis and over time in the light of the varying market conditions, goals and perception.
That said, next week I will possibly make some changes.
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Only some time later I will post the annotated charts and update the portfolio.