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Can you let me have details of tele2 wireless connection.
web site or phone No. Thanx.



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I've been running a BT satelite system for about 2 years now - £79.49 per month. I Forget the installation charge but around £800 I think. I got it because I moved and cannot get ADSL, with little prospect in the forseeable future (I live right out in the sticks of the Derbyshire Peak District and the exchange only has about 800 users in total!).

My experience has been positive. Agreed the d/l transfer rate is probably less than ADSL but its a quantum leap ahead of my experiences with a regular £56k dial-up account.

I multitask Ionic's Sharescope Real-time + L2 Dealer + IG Markets CFD trading interface on it. I had a few problems to start with but they were resolved by disabling use of BT's proxy server. There have been a few other glitches aswell (isn't there with everything?) but nothing to make me consider scrapping it.

When sorting out the proxy-server problem with the BT techies I was told that they do not recommend it for use with real-time apps though, so the caution about inherent latency probably has merit. Until something better comes along (wireless sounds interesting and BT has just notified me that a major u/grade to the satelite service is immanent- whatever that may mean) it's a damn sight better than trying to operate with a standard dial-up connection.


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rexyu said:
The service is "one way" in that it only provides download.

All uploading will be with your existing ISP for sending emails etc..

Perhaps I'm interpreting this a little too specifically rexyu, but when you type a URL into the address bar of IE (for instance) doesn't this have to be 'uploaded' to the DNS (or whatever) for the site to be found and for it to start downloading.

A strictly 'download only' service wouldn't achieve very much.


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that system needs a terrestrial isp for the upload/internet bit - the isp communicates with the satellite service which only does the high speed download bit. It should be fine for streaming data (charting) - which is nearly all download but there would I am sure be a latency problem in intraday trading if the satellite download was used in the transaction path - I can see no advantage.

What U are getting is dial up rates on upload with adsl comparable download rates along with the latency introduced by satellite and exacerbated by terrestrial isp having to communicate with satellite downloader.

No sense in this half way house for trading - much better to go for 2 way satelite if u can't get a wired adsl internet connection


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Wireless broadband coming to the Western Isles!

I've been patiently waiting for BT broadband here for over 2 years now. Seems the locals just don't use PCs and hence the trigger limit has never been reached.

But the good news is that while our capital's exchange has now been upgraded to ADSL, the rest of the Western Isles will soon (crossfingers!) be connected up to wireless broadband with same upload/download speeds. I can't wait.... in fact I wouldn't mind using my house as a local antenae station, if needed, for the rest of the community.

The Islands desperately need this fast data infrastructure backbone to allow people to work from home, and set up new businesses, while still enjoying the benefits of living on the Islands. It's a scandal that the Government and BT have continually stalled for so long in getting those areas outside of cities connected up to broadband. Many other countries in Europe are now enjoying 1MB+ connections as standard... yet again the UK lags behind!

Do you live in the Western Isles and want to know more about the new broadband network, or to register an interest? Go here: Connected Communities.


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I might as well be on an island. My exchange is enabled but I can't get broadband :rolleyes:


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When I first enquired about broadband the isp said no, you are too far from the exchange. I've been using broadband for a couple of months now supplied by a different isp :confused:
Maybe worth another try or move house. lol

A related point:
When I rang my dial-up isp to cancel, they offered me a special price on their broadband product. Usually £27.99, down to £19.99 because they did not want to loose me. A tear started to form in my eye but quickly dried up when I remembered all the emails they sent, trying to get me upgrade for full price!

There is a lesson in there somewhere ;)

happy trading



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Ah, this is because BT has implemented a new long reach technology so even BT would have been able to serve you now.

If you have been turned down because you are too far away from the Exchange just reapply...



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I've tried everything in the last few years. After they extended, they had to rephrase their refusal. They even told me I lived further away than I do! The lines are just not good enough quality.
BT crap! Until BT sort their lines out or catch up on technology, I'm trapped on ISDN.


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Broadband connection

May be a bit extreme but find out if anyone else close to you has it. I wanted to get ADSL into one of our offices and BT told me it was a no go as we were too far from the exchange, i then went round and asked some offices close by if they had it and some did, so in the end i ordered a new phone line and low and behold i was able to get it on that line (it was 2 feet from the other socket) It seems that it depends on how each line is routed when installed and some take a longer route than others. You can then cancel your old line if it works, if not i guess you have spent a few pounds on a new line that you have to cancel again.

If you can persuade BT to do a line test you should be able to speak to the engineer who comes out to do it and gain the best info from them, thats what i did and this is why i ordered the new line speculatively but knowing i should be just close enough to the exchange (and now have ADSL working fine)
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