Birmingham / Midlands Traders Meet Up

Stoat Trader

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I may be in Cheltenham, but am quite prepared to jump on the motorway for an hour to get to the main Midland City. I know another member who would come along too, and as he is a fellow Midlander, And understands the lingo and the area, I have less chance of getting lost there if we hooked up!
Any chance someone would let me know if this actually gets off the ground please? Would be greatly appreciated and be nice to meet some of you who have kindly helped me out.
It'd take me about 50 mins to get to Birmingham. Do get it off the ground and e-mail me. Willing to do anything to help out. Just need notice.
Many thanks.
The Stoat Lady.
Good trading to you all.


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This looks like it will definitely be happening. :)

Venue details to follow ( I'm on holiday for the next few weeks), but consensus date seems to be the 2nd October.

Never going to please everyone but if this is successful then ideally we'll have another meet up later in year - November or December.

See you all soon!



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Might see you there then,thanks again for you help with the fibs calculator.

Regards Jon


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Count me in, I'll def. to my best to come along now the T2W office is based in Coventry and I live in Warwick. Thanks for organising it EK1, once we have the venue details I'll post it up on the events diary.


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Dont forget me please!

Hello all the traders in the mids. Thanks to Trader 333 for reply. Just been to the sunny (ahem) realms of Birmingham 2 days running and dealt with the adverse torrential rainy season of the M5 to get there and back. Would appreciate any details of this forthcoming (?) event. Quick reply with directions would be great. Who is the brave person organising this?
Trader 333! Would you be responsible for getting back to me so I dont miss this please? Would be in your debt if you could Paul.
In anticipation (with bated breath and all that)
The Stoat Lady.


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Trader333 said:
Stoat Lady,

Yes I will,
Paul, there shouldn't be any need to. She'll weasily remember...


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is it to be oct 2nd ? would very much like to attend,but my sons wedding that day and he refuses to postpone it (so inconsiderate these kids ,dont you think?)



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Details of inaugural Midlands meeting.............

There is no agenda as such, just an informal first Midlands gathering of like minded traders who would like to meet up and discuss trading and its intricacies. Can also discuss to see if people would like to have meetings in the future.

Please advice if you are hoping to attend.

Look forward to meeting you all.




Bulls Head Pub (Click for Map )
Main Road
West Midlands
Tel: 01676 523798

Sat 2nd October

Start Time


As long as people want to stay


None really except to talk about trading


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How will we recognise each other ?

Shall we all carry a copy of the FT with us, and have a carnation in our buttonholes ?

Or will we all the ones muttering about "damn RSI, if only ...."

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