beginner to Spread Betting need some guidance please


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Hi, I've been trading normal shares and funds for a few years but I'm interested in Spread Betting, can anybody suggest the best broker to go with, who also has a demo platform to practice?

Any tips for some basic profit making trades would be appreciated. I'm okay with normal long term trading as an amateur but not sure what kind of trades might be best on Spread Betting, I need some guidance please. Some typical, simple, profitable type trades would be great.

Any help appreciated


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Spread betting is a decent choice as it's tax free and offers a wide range of markets.
As for the brokers? Read some reviews... by reviews, I mean reviews by real people and not those outdated broker reviews you find on google (and of course, your broker should be FCA regulated).
Just did a simple google seach for spread betting tips (top 3 results):

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The way a position makes money once you're in it is if price continues to move in the direction of your trade. Regardless of the precise TA on the chart, you can regard this in principle as a trend trade.

There are two ways to get into a profitable trend trade - either join a trend which is resuming after a pull-back, or join a trend which is just beginning after either ranging sideways or trending in the opposite direction. Both will work but most people are more comfortable trading one than the other.

A good thing to not do would be to buy because price has been falling and its still falling.
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Plenty of spread betting brokers, just enter "compare spread betting brokers" or anything like that in your search engine.

I really don't want to be cocky but please use a search engine.
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