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Hey guys.

Fathers Day was a nice Holiday this year.

My folks are camping up north, but I was able to speak with my Dad & had a great phone call. He is enjoying retirement with my mom & they are both really happy. My pops got me into trading & he continues to be a big support in my life. Very thankful to have the parents I do.

On to the numbers...

Well Friday was a ruff day.

Day 235 = A ruff one

A New Day
Total +45.38%

Gratitude List

How about Father n Son Activities

Fishing - Soccer - Golfing - Chess - BBQ Grilling - Working on the Car or Truck - Boating - Snow Skiing - Snow Mobiling - Family Chores - Raking Leaves - Sunday Cruise - Going out for ice cream

I dunno. I suppose anytime you get to spend with your dad is a gift & quality time.

I've got to run.

Everyone have a great day.

Talk with you tomorrow.


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Good Afternoon Folks.

Monday's results are in.

Day 236 = Great Success

A New Day
Total +46.36%

Big Gainers
+4.54% - MRNA
+3.50% - ORA
+3.32% - ALL
+2.50% - BAC
+2.33% - PLUG
+2.14% - KR
+2.02% - REGI
+1.84% - SHW
+1.80% - EBAY
+1.70% - V
+1.70% - JPM
+1.65% - HD
+1.59% - FSLR
+1.57% - PFE
+1.55% - COST
+1.54% - MA
+1.41% - AAPL
+1.30% - NKE
+1.23% - MSFT
+1.15% - JNJ
+1.07% - LOW
+1.02% - VZ

Quite a few big gainers on Monday.

My stock results updated to Tuesday just as a got to Ford, General Motors & Stellantis. So I wasn't able to chart their results. I'm pretty sure they did very well which is good. I'll try to check the results earlier in the morning.

Anyways nice to see us have a good start to the week. Happy we are achieving some small Success. A full percent up is actually pretty darn good for a day imo. We were extremely fortunate to return upwards to 5% in a day a few months ago. I was looking at some past posts yesterday. Some of our results have been absolutely amazing. We all had that Success as a group which is even cooler.

Well how about a gratitude List for today.

Gratitude List

What about positive changes

Renewable Energy - Electric Vehicles - Affordable Health Care - Sustainable Living - Unconditional Love for one another

I am quite proud of us really. It's not always easy to embrace change. We have come together & attempted to change for the better. In the positive change department we really have been achieving some nice results & success.

I must admit it feels good to be making some progress. To me, it feels like we are headed down the right road. We are on track. We're improving. Little by little we are correcting our climate change issue. Renewable Energy & Electric Vehicles will become more & more affordable & available. We are actually projecting to become all EV by as soon as 2035. How awesome is that!

We are really making a difference. In my opinion, when you support renewable energy & electric vehicles you are really supporting our people & planet. A happy, healthy sustainable future here on planet earth. Thanks for reading. If you do support & believe in renewables & EVs you are very much appreciated.

On Another Note our Governor here in Michigan lifted the restrictions off of the state & we are now fully operating & open.

Although we should still be careful, what a relief.

Covid numbers are coming down, things are opening back up & gradually we are Improving.

Oh my goodness what a relief!

For us here where I stay, we will be able to gather again & unite as a group. We should be able to slowly get back to all living a normal life with friends & families together again. Very cool indeed. What Great news for us.

Well thats it for me today.

Everyone have a great day.

Take Good Care


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Good Afternoon Guys & Gals

Tuesday brought us some nice results

Day 237 = Another Great Success

A New Day
Total +48.59%

Big Gainers
+13.97% - PLUG
+6.50% - BLDP
+6.30% - MRNA
+4.39% - RUN
+2.59% - ENPH
+2.49% - NVDA
+2.38% - NFLX
+1.85% - NKE
+1.66% - HD
+1.50% - LOW
+1.49% - AMZN
+1.48% - ADBE
+1.39% - COST
+1.33% - MA
+1.27% - AAPL
+1.10% - MSFT
+0.88% - F

Decent Day for us.

Plug Power came through with a 14% gain.

Moderna has been very productive for us lately.

Nvidia continues to produce solid results, they seem to be always up.

Ballard, Run & Enphase return some green graphs as well.

Glad our renewables are achieving success.

Gratitude List

How about camping

Smores - Campfires - Horseshoes - Cornhole - Great Stories - Fishing - Enjoying the outdoors - Spending time with friends & family - Relaxing with a drink - Life is good - Loving Life

Happy we have been achieving some success & improving together. It seems like we have a lot of potential for growth. Really nice way to come together & spend a day.

Everyone take good care.

Talk with you tomorrow.


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Hey Folks

Wednesday was an alright day.

Day 238 = A Nice Day

A New Day
Total +49.0%

Big Gainers
+6.69% - RUN
+6.04% - SPWR
+5.27% - TSLA
+3.42% - F
+2.77% - CREG
+2.31% - FSLR
+2.16% - BLDP
+1.78% - SEDG
+1.76% - ENPH
+1.49% - GM
+1.06% - CMA
+1.05% - DIS
+0.90% - NVDA

Pretty nice day on the market.

Renewables & our EV makers went for some good gains.

We are planning on a family visit on Sunday which should be really cool. My Mom, Dad, Aunt, Uncle, Sister & Brother should be there with my little nephew & family dog Chloe. Should be a great way to spend a day. My folks are going to pick up some fresh tortilla chips, salsa, guacamole & roast pork from this really nice Latin market. I've been craving those chips n dip. Should be an awesome afternoon.

Anyways on to our gratitude list.

Gratitude List
How about friendly traits

Being Nice, Kind, Considerate, Cool, Happy, Smart, Trustworthy, A Good Pal.

I always believed in treating people like you want to be treated. It's really nice to have some good pals to share life with.

If my posts have upset anyone I sincerely apologize. I was only trying to help people improve & make some cool friends.

I'd like to wish everyone Happiness & Good Health today.

Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to share my voice.

May we all achieve great Success in life.

Take Good Care

Speak with you all tomorrow.
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Hey CV!

Thanks for caring & checking up on me.

All is well with me right now.

I'm feeling stable enough to post again, so I'm glad to be back @ T2W.
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Very sad to see such severe weather have such devastating effects on our planet. We really should try & up the effort to spread the good word of renewable energy.

Renewable energy is a relatively new science. It wasn't readily available before, but is here to help aid in our climate changing.

If we dont address our problem with our climate the problem will only grow more & more out of control. I'm not trying to be the bearer of bad news only trying to help address & confront the issue.

Let me give an example.

When you are barefoot on white cement the Solar heat from the sun isn't that noticeable bc the white color helps to deflect the Solar Ray's. If you step from white cement onto black asphalt you will quickly jump off bc of the heat absorbed by the dark color of the blacktop.

You can think of the ice caps on earth like the white cement deflecting the sun's heat. The deep blue ocean is like the asphalt absorbing the solar energy, heating up the earth.

The scary part about climate change is the more deep blue ocean the more solar heat is absorbed by the earth melting the ice caps quicker & quicker. We really need to help raise awareness to this so we can make a sustained effort to correct our climate. The longer we wait to resolve this issue the more difficult it becomes to correct.

Please help spread the word....

Renewable Energy is here today & we can all do something awesome today to help protect our planet.

Thanks for reading.

I'll try to get back into posting again daily.

Until tomorrow everyone stay safe & take care.
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Good Morning T2W!

Tuesday was disappointing.

Day 239 = A Down Day

A New Day
Total +48.05%

Big Gainers
+2.43% - DTE
+2.19% - BEP
+1.72% - ORA
+1.68% - XEL
+1.18% - AZN

Time to see what Wednesday brought us...

Wednesday July 28th

Day 240 = Great Success!!

A New Day
Total +49.84%

Great Day on the market... up almost 2%.

Big Gainers
+13.15% - CREG
+6.34% - MRNA
+5.89% - SEDG
+5.73% - BLDP
+5.63% - RUN
+4.95% - ENPH
+4.85% - SPWR
+4.82% - PLUG
+4.30% - REGI
+3.21% - PFE
+2.61% - FSLR
+2.54% - ORA
+2.17% - BEP
+1.54% - NVDA
+1.16% - GLPG
+1.14% - CMA
+0.92% - ATVI
+0.89% - GM

Really glad to see our renewable stocks up big.

We do need to keep up the good work. We can all contribute to paving new roads for the people to follow. It's a great way to spend a day. I really couldn't think of a smarter investment into our future.

We can all use the returns to help some folks out of poverty. Some folks dont have food to eat or clean water to drink. We could help them out with a meal to eat & provide some clean water to drink.

Life is such a gift.

Giving people hope & encouraging people to do good for others is an awesome way to spend a day.

We are all in this world together, we should all stand tall against this climate change issue. We can make quite a bit of money by investing wisely in renewables. Maybe we could give back & help some less fortunate folks out after we make our returns.

Well, everyone have a great day.

We are already making a difference.

Stay Strong & Stand Tall.

We can do this.


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Good Friday Morning Folks!

Thursday 29th of July

Day 241 = Small up

A New Day
Total +50.00%

Big Gainers
+4.69% - TSLA
+3.90% - STLA
+3.82% - F
+3.23% - GM
+2.75% - SEDG
+1.72% - KR
+1.65% - SPWR
+1.62% - ALL
+1.46% - AZN
+1.45% - CMA
+1.44% - BAC
+1.40% - MA
+1.19% - INTC
+0.92% - NKE
+0.91% - COST

Great day for Tesla, General Motors, Ford & Stellantis. Nice to see our electric vehicle makers perform so well. Let's keep supporting the companies who are attempting to help correct our climate change cause. What a win + win!

Gratitude List

Friday Fun

Pizza n Pop lunch - Fish Fry Dinner - Movie Night - Fresh Popcorn - Cake n Ice Cream for the Birthday Boy - Gifts - Bday card - Good Music

Everyone have a great weekend.

Go, Go, Go...

Green Energy & Electric Vehicles.

Great way to invest!

Take Care
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Good Afternoon T2W!

Monday August 2nd

Day 242 = Small Down

A New Day
Total +49.15%

Big Gainers
+3.27% - TSLA
+2.69% - PFE
+2.59% - FSLR
+1.88% - ORA
+1.52% - GLPG
+1.29% - NVDA

Tuesday August 3rd

Day 243 = Great Success!

A New Day
Total +50.98%

Big Gainers
+16.33% - SEDG
+11.51% - MRNA
+5.24% - STLA
+5.19% - ENPH
+4.67% - RUN
+4.67% - SPWR
+4.61% - FSLR
+3.93% - KR
+3.91% - PFE
+2.53% - CMA
+1.57% - LOW
+1.55% - BAC
+1.51% - SHW
+1.49% - GM
+1.47% - NKE
+1.44% - HD
+1.43% - COST
+1.26% - AAPL
+1.23% - JNJ
+1.14% - JPM
+1.13% - WMT
+1.04% - AMZN
+1.02% - DLTR
+0.95% - REGI

What a decent day for Tuesday. Most renewables are up big & Moderna went huge along with Solar Edge. MRNA & SEDG went real big, posting up some double digit gains.

Let's keep those charts green folks!

Lots of big returns to reward those who support our green Companies. We could all contribute to helping in our climate change issue in some way. Let's keep up the solid work.

Gratitude List


Finding Love - A True Passion - A Great Song to Lift Your Spirits - Doing Good For Others - Supporting Clean Energy - Enjoying A Day On Earth - Embracing Mindfulness Into Our Lives - Being a Good Friend - Spending Quality Time With Your Family - Loving Life

Well that's about it for me.

Keep up the good work.

Until Tomorrow, Stay Safe & Be Well.
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