World Cup 2018

Sad but true

Only because they are no good at it.
Probably doing a Donald type sulk on the sidelines.

Correct but that would be just the men. The female teams are pretty fun to watch. US and Canada has a solid rivalry going on too. Too bad they don't get the press that they deserve.


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Just thinking about the odds and came up with the obvious.
That is to have an account in as many of the countries as possible.
One can then take advantage of the patriotic betters betting on their home team no matter what.
Maybe next time.
But today the hosts are playing Spain who should win comfortably.


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I watched the Spain V Russia match.
Good in parts but it rather served the Spanish right because they just short passed at the back so much when some decent runs into the Russian defence and long crosses might have yielded results.

England is a bit prone to do the same thing. Hopefully they will be told.


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I have done some deep analysis using elliott waves :cheesy: