World Cup 2018


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Yeah and I think Belgium have enough to see off France in the semi (y)

Now that would be some final......Belgium v England.......a regular Premier league clash.

Atilla will point out the obvious that Belgium have already beaten England, but with 8 or 9 first team players missing from each side, then the previous match has little to no relevance.

I was responding to your armchair twaddle about "treat every game like its the final" and then not recognising, fielding subs is not exactly trying hard.

Personally, I think Gareth Southgate has done and continues to do a sterling job of managing the side. :clap::love::clap::love::clap:

As you can imagine for you to then think I'm not able to work through the difference about Belgians having already beaten us is clown's work. You are on regular form.

Carry on as you were :cheesy:


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Game over and a superb win for England.
At last the team played an open game but still slow to get the ball moving.
Should practice first time kicks and passing.
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This is the BEST World Cup tournaments compared to all the other ones before.

So many high scoring goals with plenty of excitement. With VR and penalties it's just simply the greatest show on Earth. Errrmmm David Attenborough's Planet Earth shows come close but let's call it 50/50.
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Oscar Reed

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It's for the taking now, yes we can beat France.
Off to get my England shirt in red.
Will stick a photo up.:LOL:
Come on CV and the rest stick your photo up as well with your England shirt on.

Lucky big Sam got the chop otherwise we would have been playing like Sweden.

Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp and Mauricio Pochettino will have played the biggest part in England winning a world Cup.

Wish I was coming home for the next week.:LOL:
Still have night mares of the German semi in 90, the year before I left England.
Mabe I should double or nothing on DAX trade, only joking.

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Oscar Reed

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Phoned the Nike shop about 20 min drive.
Yes we have the England shirt in size XL.

When I get they only have white shirts.
So have ordered online from Melbourne.
Don't want the unlucky white one.


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I like the waistcoat.
Nothing wrong in dressing like a toff. The only one there.
The majority dress down to look like just another raggedy rascal.

I just might have my old waistcoat from the 1970s.
Haven't seen it for years.

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