World Cup 2018


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Can you believe it, 5 goals in the first half !!

Mustn't feel sorry for them until after the game.


We should greeze our shirts so the " s0ds " can't hold so much ".

Better England performance than our usual pathetic effort.


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im not even going to turn on the panama game -england will get stuffed-mark my words

im off to get some new glasses but ive glanced at what pat said-see panama have 5 goals now

Oscar Reed

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I agree with Pat in that anyone could win this world cup.

The only outstanding team so far has been Belgium but i'm beginning to wonder if they haven't shown too much too early. So with that in mind, i'm saying Belgium will go out. Also going out will be Argentina and Germany.

There have been flashes of brilliance from England, Spain, Brazil, Portugal, France and we cannot discount Russia, Uruguay and Mexico.

I'm going to stick my neck out and say England can win by teamwork. All they have to do is neutralise the superstars and treat every game as if it's the final. They have enough of a strike force to win any match. The winning formula has to be domination of the midfield.

As Rochdale proved in last yrs FA cup match against Tottenham. It's just 11 v 11 and the reason why predictions in football matches are pure folly! :LOL:
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That call just stuffed England.:LOL:

Mind you they do look very good(y)

Not sure Tim would agree


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Mind you they do look very good(y)
Not sure Tim would agree
I agree with all the positives Oscar, but I think there's been a tendency among the pundits to gloss over the negatives. Defensively, England look vulnerable at times. Even Panama was able to punch through our back line on occasion - although they only managed to convert one opportunity into a goal. Against better opposition (Belgium on Thursday and, possibly, Columbia next week) - I think it'll be a different story. I'm afraid I'm a 'glass half empty' chap when it comes to our national footy team! Even Alan Shearer isn't getting overly excited about our prospects, sticking to his pre-tournament prediction that to get to the quarter finals would be a good result.


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The safe bet today has to be Germany hasn't it ?
After watching the French-Denmark game I don't fancy the French very much. Lacklustre imho.



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Someone looking ahead of this game wrote this interesting piece.

Both teams are already in the best 16. But whoever loses this game gets a better pass to victory avoiding Brazil, etc. Also the loser has to travel way less later on than the winner.

So it is going to be interesting to see if they let the best players sit this game out. They want to win the war, not the battle...

"While the winner will potentially have to face the likes of Brazil and France en route to the final, the losing team could make it all the way to Luzhniki Stadium on July 15 having only overcome Sweden and Denmark in the quarterfinals and last four."
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