Who likes Dogs ?

taurus with his hat:
and taurus normal


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off topic but ..anyone want to see our chick doing a little peekaboo ?


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If this is the documentary I was thinking of, it's pretty good. It shows how dogs and humans grew together over the years.

I found the bit about dogs having left gaze bias pretty interesting (only humans and dogs have this bias it's how we read peoples faces, we ignore the left hand side of the face. A theory is that we have the white's of our eyes so it's easier to read our faces).

I'm pretty sure it's also got experiments to types of foxes which the aggression was bred out of them.

Interesting to watch, all on megavideo. Made by Horizon BBC.
No not at all.

Dogs do understand when you talk to them. Not only that they sense your emotions. Psychiatrists and humans have to be tought to read body language but comes naturally to dogs who are very communicative.

They can sniff drugs, find dead bodies, guard areas and be tought to attack on command. They can also fetch the paper or slippers, sit, be quiete very easily with few words.

Some are even movie stars. ;)


Dogs are angels that walk on earth. Its the humans that are the problem.

Forgot to mention guide dogs for the blind too.

Service dogs provide are exceptional... You've got to love them really. :love:

They are all heart, warmth and play... They'll keep you company till the end of time.


I think if they train two dogs in this way and continue with their off spring - I reckon in about 3-5 generations there can be a leap in communications between man and dog... Dog will teach off-spring. An idea but I see no reason why not?

Same goes for dolphins and good many other animals. If it has a brain it can be taught... (y)