Who likes Dogs ?

Top thread DT,

Made me laugh so much... :LOL:

I think dogs reflect their characteristics of their owners really as they are happy when you are happy and sad when you are sad. Excellent company either way. As for all the amusing things like itchy **** is no different to humans imo. Ofcourse, they can be trained too it depends on effort put in.

As for cats I had a friend who's wife left him and he went through a bit of a bad patch. She left the cat behind to console the poor *******. Anyway as he was going through a bad patch feeling miserable, he neglected to feed the cat once in a while.

After about a week or two the cat left him too. :LOL:

Not sure if the cat leaving helped him or not but good news is he has now remarried happily with couple of daughters so there's a happy ending.

Cats will leave you if you don't treat them right and dogs will die for you.

I reckon that's why women prefer cats and men prefer dogs imho.
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Oh, well- What can expect from a nation of dog-lovers?

I thought that by coming over here I might get away from them. Have you seen (of course you have) the idiotic smiles on two dog owners faces when their animals are trying to put their noses up each others arses? "Aren't they sweet?" "Mine knows everything I say."
Re: Who likes Dogs ?

noisey, smell of ****, aggressive, anti social, unhygienic, inconsiderate and the dogs arn't much better either...
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I mean - if I came round your house, lay on the floor and licked my balls and anus for 20 minutes, then came and licked your face, would you tickle me behind the ear and call me your best friend ?

with this and your thread about tossed salad in prison ; you start some odd threads...

are you a weirdo?
I don't like people much at all.
There is a pretty good collection of some of the people I don't like on this thread.
A dog won't lie to you, steal your money/car/property, rape your wife, tax you to death, destroy your bank / Government / wealth / currency.

With everything that goes on in the world I am shocked you people don't have something more important to bitch about than whether someone else chooses to have a dog or not.

ffs, a dog wont lie to you as it doesnt talk, it wont steal your car as it cant drive, certainly wont tax you to death etc etc and neither will a microwave oven but i bet you dont talk to that or class it as a companion.
People who own dogs (or any pets) and talk to them etc are odd!