what is it with you guys?

hi citytrader,

yes, thats correct - but im not wanting to be jpm or any other institution - remember these companies have to turn a profit day in day out - in fact minute by minute.

Most home traders are happy with one trade a day or even a week and if you can make a grand every couple of days then thats fine for them isnt it.

JPM etc dont have this luxury and the systems that we look at and want to use are much less geared to quick trades making a penny a share here and there on volumes of thousands.

can you understand what im saying.

oh, and morning neil - meals on wheels been yet?


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Hi Soultrader.

im convinced you've got me blocked of something, im the only guy here showing an interest in your system, com'on man tell me some more!!!! Its sounds so far


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My opinion..


I dont want to flan this flame anymore but I thought I would add my worthless contract in --

If you had found a system that worked 99% (or even 90%) of the time for a given period of time (lets assume 1 year) - would you really sell it for £100 (or whatever the notional amount). Personally I dont believe that I would - I would keep taking out of it (and then perhaps sell it)..

In regards to the first post of why doesnt Bill Gates stop writing/selling software - reason is that Gates has not released the code i.e. it is propereirty (sp) - seee the similarities !!




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I posted.It got toasted but I'll keep on truckin' with ya. ' I'm minted' - he boasted.Just another system seller f####n' with yer.


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Didn't mma get booted ( I miss mma... too late to start a " Bring back mma" campaing??!!!) for only 10 warning points?!!!


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Hi CityTrader

Mma got 13 warning points (the 3rd set of which I'm particularly proud of!)


SoulTrader seems to have managed 13 points after only 2 and half days as a member (some sort of record?) but does not seem to be marked as 'banned'. EDIT: Has been now...

Minor question: Could someone please explain how the colour coding works in the 'rating bar'. Is a rainbow pattern better than a straight green? What does straight red mean? Half a rainbow?


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Straight green means that all 8 voters gave you a 5 rating.

However, if one of them changes their minds and gives you a 4 (above average) rating, then you will turn multi-coloured. Those who don't know this assume, quite incorrectly, that you must have given them a Bad (1) rating.

Just for demonstration purposes I've changed my vote from a 5 to a 4 and you've gone all multi-coloured. I'll change it back later so you're frog green again. :D


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Hi Zow,

As soon as you reach 10 points, you're automatically banned. However it doesn't show up as "Banned" on your user profile until we manually change it, so while you saw it before as "Junior Member" SoulTrader was still banned. I need to really automate it.

The colour system for the rating is a bit confusing, and I should probably make it simpler. Bascially if its all green then it's 5/5 - the best, when it's multicoloured, its 4/5, when it's multicoloured and doesn't quite fill the bar its 3/5 and so on until it hardly fills up the bar at all and its red and that's just 1/5. I'll update it so if you move your mouse over it tells you the rating as well as the number of votes.


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Thanks Skimbleshanks

I can now 'wear' my green bar with pride.
So my green beats your rainbow!? hoorah! :)

As a suggested possible improvement, as well as seeing who rated you, couldn't you see what rating they gave? I wouldn't want to be mistaken as the person who gave a positive/negative rating when actually did the opposite....
EDIT: Looks like Sharky is implimenting something along those lines anyway...thanks!


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'Tis true, I've led a very sheltered life! :)

Very interested in hearing more about your 'colourful life' though! :cheesy:

Live life vicariously....it's less messy that way. ;)


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Zow, now added - move your mouse over the coloured bar and it tells you how many points ave been awarded. Thanks for the suggestion.
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