what is it with you guys?


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Hi soultrader, i always enjoy hearing new trading ideas! I followed Indexking for a few months until he decided enuff was enuff as his following traders turned into gremlins at the sign of a small fee.
Nothing is free in this world, but im sure those same traders where up a good few hundred points by using the method of trading but still rubbished him wen he asked for a small donation.

Anyway Soultrader i would like to hear your system coz like you i like swing trading, my wife hates me day trading as it leaves me needing a grabbing for the viagra. lol

Nice 1



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You seem to have made a judgement about T2W members in your first post so it is not strange that you should be judged so soon.

I have absoulutely no problem with people making money selling trading information. I only object when I think they have tried to get interest in an underhand way or when I feel they are being coservative with the facts about thier system to try and make it look better than it is. I also don't like some of the claims that make it sound like making money trading is easy, can be done by anyone and will lead to instant wealth.
its not surprising ive made that judgement is it really - there are stacks and stacks of posts moaning on with drivel about people selling courses.

the board advises people basically do anything, but dont pay whatever you do!!!

Im not sure than anyone on here is successful at all - if you were making the sort of money that is possible then none of you would be quibbling over someone charging a few quid for their system - no wonder the other guy left you all to it.

and im sorry if it upsets you BB - but trading when you have a good system and stick to it IS easy - there, ive said it.

Its a easy as falling of a log and its easy to make more money than doing anything else - you cant call this work and you cant call it hard. It can be done by anyone and although it doesnt lead to INSTANT wealth it's a lot quicker than working for a living i can tell you.

The people who sit there moaning and groaning about the market does this and the market does that dont have a frigging clue and dont have a system - if they do have a system then it loses them money and they then blame people like me for getting them interested in the first place.

There's nothing difficult about trading - whats the hard bit to control is between your ears (not a lot in some cases ill agree) - if you have a system that works and you follow it to the letter then how can you go wrong?

easy as falling off a log mate and ive proved it.

and with that - im off to enjoy a good weekend soul night in chesterfield - nothing like a night of great music to get you feeling good


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if you have a system that works and you follow it to the letter then how can you go wrong?

There is an interesting thread about system longevity here:-


Some systems might work in most market conditions but the majority will have times when they just don't work. So if you want to system trade, it is probably best to have several on the go at the same time, then if one falters it wont hurt so much.

I have seen several 'systems' for sale that claim to make lots of points but some of them just don't work and some of them work at the moment but have no chance of working in the future.

So I don't think it is stupid to be cautious when someone comes along saying it is easy. It might be for you but that doesn't mean it will be for everyone. There were examples of people who were unable to follow a system in the index king thread. There are lots of reasons for this and it doesn't follow that you have to be intelligent to stick to a system. Sometimes not being able to work out what could go wrong would be a great advantage :)


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Every Bulletin Board has a different personality. I have been a member of T2W for a few years (and I think it is one of the top BBs around) but I wouldn't dream of talking about 'systems' on it - the anti-systems crowd is just too hostile. Instead you just find other boards that are 'systems friendly' and talk about systems there.


And just to prove my point - I posted this and a moderator rated me down :cry:

thank you :D
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soultrader, i have to agree with some of your points, if somebody is advertising a system, so what? If thats something that you agree or disagree with it doesnt make any odds. Personally i have been looking at the U.S. markets and trading in general for about twelve months now and what does strike me from a beginners point of view is that with sound money management and a basic grasp of technical indicators is how easy trading can be. This is not a wind up by the way. PeeDee.


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Stick with it Peedee. From someone who had to ask what was the definition of a buy and hold strategy on another post, and what you have just said, you'll go far.

Mr Squad

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"there are stacks and stacks of posts moaning on with drivel about people selling courses".

Couldn't agree with you more, same old fools saying the same old thing over and over and over again.

Their opinion is right end of story!.


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i was one of those moaning minnies, let me get one thing straight, IK had a system that worked to some degree, ok so he asked for a charge, but my real motive for giving him grief was that the website info did not add up, credit card details were being asked for, his terms and conditions were contradictory, he did not register his site in his own name, the website was in Canada, the payment vehicle was in holland,his guest book was also in canada,he wanted payment in dollars but he lived in the UK, he left for another job in spain the day after Bigbusiness sussed his system.

Now if that aint strange then i dont know what is...

what i suggest all you people who are saying that me and the others who gave him hassle are two faced should read the full thread not just the tail end then come back and comment

i'm not being rude but please look at the evidence, the intial payment arguement was just the start ..


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not really interested in trading system's but have looked at your website & I am intrigued with what this software is that works in conjunction with SB's.......could u explain in more detail of forward me to more info........how does it work with SB company & what is the point of it basically???........not a negative question by the way



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O.k. i'll explain now that i'm sober. If you look at one end of the scale of trading lets say long term and then look at the other end lets say day trading or even scalping the variations are trying to achieve the same outcome, but on a different time scale.


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Perhaps we should get something straight - IndexKing was just posting entries and exits. He did NOT reveal the mechanics of his system.

A system is one where all the steps are explained so that anyone can take that system and trade it. Quite whether they can make any money doing that is another matter.


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grey1, as an example, has gone to great lengths and aggro to explain the way he trades and that to me is what the forums should be about, discussing and debating key areas - not people using the forum as a way to suck in the gullible/keen for training or selling systems

i am not saying that people should give out their methodologies for free if they dont want to - that is up to the individual

anyone who wants to train or market systems should not be allowed to post - they should just pay for the ads on the site to support the site, the site should underline that it does not endorse the advertisers, and then everyone knows it is buyer beware with advertising ,

and then there need be no more of these underhand posts hyping training or trading systems
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