What are you watching now?

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I've just started watching a "Taboo" series with Tom Hardey. I've watched only a couple of episodes, but the series has already appealed to me. It has a very interesting plot and the acting is absolutely superb.


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I also rewatched this series just a week ago and I wish there was the second season. I'll be looking forward to it. Tom Hardey's acting won't leave anyone indifferent.


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Now I watch the last episode of season 2 This is Us and also now I'm watching the Oscar's movie - Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.
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Taboo with Tom Hardy! Perfect series imo. I think HBO recommended it to me and watched the pilot. Now i recommend it :D
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I dont know if I am getting myself better educated, or filling my head with trivia.

I tend to watch a load of good seminars from Gresham College, London.
(they do a string of ones on astronomy and history. learnt a lot about solar astronomy and Napoleonic Wars)

also, watch Graham Hancock, and his works about ancient civilisations, Egyptology.

the odd smattering of Bill Bailey comedy, and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.
Also got into "Socrates in the City" lectures, such as with John Lennox.

Just watched this: ( defying Darwinism!)