What are the best sites offering free charts and/or technical analysis tools?


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Quote.com for the charting of all the above categories intraday (delayed)


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Google, Yahoo, and OnVista

For trading charts, day traders need to have their own charting software (such as SierraChart, TradeStation, NinjaTrader, etc.), but for non trading charts, there are a few web sites that offer quite decent charts.

For basic charts in English, either Google Finance, or Yahoo Finance would work, and for basic charts in German, OnVista is a good choice.

Adam Milton
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Hi all,

Apology in advance if I don't make sense!!!

I have couple of questions:

1. Do I have to use sharescope (ref: Investment software - ShareScope - award winning trading software) for online trading?
2. I have been advised that the basic things/tools I need to stock trade are,
- an account with any stock broker (online account for online trading. I subscribed to share.com)
- subscription to a good money magazine (I subscribed moneyweek)
- and a good charting software (have no idea, will appreciate any advice???)

Where does sharescope fit in all these? Please comment about the advice I have given.

Many thanks in advance for your help.



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Technical stock picker

I use this free site:

It has stocks and Forex screening tools, technical analyzer, charts, reports for investors, etc.
Example you can find all stocks that correspond to some technical criteria, e.g. trending stocks, touched support level, met divergences condition, oversold, etc..
Or for a specific share you can find all technical signals that have currently happened.


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Hey ashraf, seems like you're very new and a bit confused. What market do you want to trade? The US? If so then check out thinkorswim.com. Great broker, great charting software, and the trading platform and software is all free. I would highly recommend paper trading and studying before trading real money. I would also say that the money magazine isn't going to help you very much.

Ask alot of questions and get involved in the forum.

I've been paper trading for more than a year now. Hey, it's not so easy. From what I've been told, a hard working trader will need a year and a half to two years of experience before they become succesful traders. 92% of all traders who open their first online trading account fail, and most will burn out three accounts before becoming succesful. These are the odds we're up against.

I don't mean that to sound negative but trading education equals trading profits.
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