CANSLIM Frequently Asked Questions


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Users may post general questions here. Keep in mind all posts are temporary except the first FAQ post and the new question will be answered and merged into the FAQs.

Q: What is this forum?

A: The purpose of this forum is to discuss the CANSLIM investment strategy/methodology. Various "flavors" of CANSLIM exist and there are threads to discuss each. Please try to post to the thread that corresponds to the content of your post. If you are not sure, just guess. I will move posts to their correct thread and it isn't a sin to post to the wrong thread. ;)

Q: What is CANSLIM

A: CANSLIM is the acronym coined in HTMMIS by William O'Neil to represent:
C=Current Earnings
A=Annual Earnings
N=New Product or New High
S=Supply and Demand
I=Institutional Support
M=Market Direction

Q: What is HTMMIS?

A: HTMMIS is the acronym for the book "How To Make Money in Stocks", by William O'Neil. The book is where the acronym CANSLIM was coined.

Q: Who is WON

A: William O'Neil - Author of HTMMIS and founder of Investors Business Daily (IBD).

Q: Hey! What happened to my post?

A: The moderator will move posts to the appropriate thread as he sees necessary. You should have received an email when your original post was removed. You will not be able to edit your original post in the new thread, but you can hit reply to quote your original text. At this time, this is the best method I can think of to keep the threads clean. If a better concept is available let me know.

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You may notice posts you made are disappearing. Three things may have occurred:

1) You asked a question not specfic to the thread topic. (As they say on Seinfeld - "not that there is anything wrong with that".) Your question was entered into the FAQ post (if it wasn't already there) and your question was deleted to keep the threads clean. Questions specific to the thread will not be removed but will probably be added to the FAQ post.

Example: Cirus asked: What is HTMMIS? This question and answer is now in the FAQ post and the original post was deleted.

2) You answered a question that was moved to the FAQ post. Your answer will be added to the FAQ post.

Example: Sulong answered the quesion from Cirus above. His answer was moved to the FAQ post and the original removed. Please continue to answer question like this and I will move things. As I said above, if the question/answer are specific to the thread, then I will not remove the posts after I add them to the FAQ post.

3) Your post was off-topic in the thread it was posted. Look for your post in another thread. I will try to email those who have posts moved/removed but may forget at times.

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