Datamining using CANSLIM with Sharescope

Given our present position within the economic cycle I recently pulled out William O'Neil's "How to Make Money in Stocks" from my bookshelf.

O'Neil (one of the Market Wizards) popularised the Cup and Handle chart pattern and also promoted a system known by the CANSLIM mnemonic.

There is a brief description of it in the TA from A-Z book available online at that describes the way it works much better than I can. However it essentially looks for good companies that are likely to perform well in the future based on improving EPS, no. of shares in circulation, new highs, market leadership, institutional sponsorship and market direction.

I've put together a Sharescope datamining filter based on:

current price (to eliminate penny stocks)
% fall from high
% change EPS from last year and
number of shares in circulation

With reasonable parameters (100m shares, <20% from high, >25% increase in EPS) around 100 stocks are selected. Not all of the stocks will be winners but it provides food for thought.
Keeping us guessing.......

Sounds good mate......

But are you just going to tease us, or will you give us a hint about which companies are top of the list!!!!!



I'll set up a spreadsheet and load it soon though I must admit that my first impression is that patience is requred!

I did come across this "new product" though I'm not sure it's a winner...

PARIS (AFX) - Molins PLC has filed a patent for a talking cigarette packet
which delivers a cancer warning to smokers when the lid is opened, UK weekly New
Scientist said in an excerpt from next Saturday's edition.
The gadget comprises a stiff plastic strip which connects the hinged lid of
the packet to a microchip and a tiny loudspeaker.
When the smoker opens the lid, the strip slides to close a switch, causing
the chip to trot out a verbal warning about the hazards of smoking or even a
snatch of music such as a funeral march.
Thanks Darth.

As its a zip I will have to download it after the weekend (yes, we really do work 48hrs in the NHS!!! Thats why I am learning the markets!) as the library computers will not accept it....



it had to be a zip as their are limited file entensions available for upload. FYI. here is the list of company names. dogs'n'all.

Let me know if you find any gems!

Asda Property Holdings PLC
Ask Central PLC
Barlows PLC
Bertam Holdings PLC
BioFocus PLC
Bogod Group PLC
Bristol & West Investments PLC
British Regional Air Lines Group PLC
Burtonwood Brewery PLC
BWD Securities PLC
Cadcentre Group PLC
Caffyns PLC
Caledonia Investments PLC
Capital & Regional PLC
Cardiff Property (The) PLC
Carpetright PLC
Charteris PLC
Chemring Group PLC
Clarkson (Horace) PLC
Community Hospitals Group PLC
Corporate Synergy Holdings PLC
Country & Metropolitan Group PLC
Diploma PLC
Energy Capital Investment Co PLC
Estates & General PLC
Eurocopy PLC
Exeter Investment Group PLC
Fitness First PLC
Freeport PLC
Giardino Group PLC
Gibbs and Dandy PLC
Goldshield Group PLC
Grafton Group PLC
Grantchester Holdings PLC
Greggs PLC
Hacas Group PLC
Heath (Samuel) & Sons PLC
Heiton Holdings PLC
Hercules Property Services PLC
Hill & Smith Holdings PLC
Holders Technology PLC
Homestyle Group PLC
Howle Holdings PLC
IG Group PLC
Intelek PLC
Inter Link Foods PLC
International Energy Group Ltd
Inventive Leisure PLC
James R. Knowles (Holdings) PLC
John David Sports PLC
Jurys Doyle Hotel Group PLC
Kingsbridge Holdings PLC
LA Fitness PLC
Linton Park PLC
Liontrust Asset Management PLC
Lok'n Store Group PLC
London Finance & Investment Group PLC
London Securities PLC
London Town PLC
Luminar PLC
MacLellan Group PLC
Maiden Group (The) PLC
McInerney Holdings PLC
Meconic PLC
Merivale Moore PLC
Metnor Group PLC
Mission Testing PLC
Molins PLC
MS International PLC
Nestor Healthcare Group PLC
Newport Holdings PLC
Nord Anglia Education PLC
Northgate PLC
Ottakar's PLC
Panther Securities PLC
Partridge Fine Arts PLC
Peel Holdings PLC
Photo-Scan PLC
Pittards PLC
Power Leisure PLC
Radstone Technology PLC
Richmond Foods PLC
Safeland PLC
Secure Trust Banking Group PLC
Slimma PLC
SOCO International PLC
Sperati (C.A.) (Special Agency) PLC
Surface Technology Systems PLC
Swallowfield PLC
Systems Integrated Research PLC
Taylor & Francis Group PLC
Topps Tiles PLC
Tops Estates PLC
Torex PLC
Unite Group PLC
United Drug PLC
Universal Salvage PLC
Victrex PLC
Watermark Group PLC
Wellington Holdings PLC
Wembley PLC
Wynnstay Properties PLC
Thanks Darth...

Hopefully will have some time tomorrow to start looking at some of those....

All the best

Darth! I think the speaking fag packet money would be better placed being donated to cancer research!Who is gonna pay extra for a speaking packet of ciggies?
Except as a one off novelty of course...
Thanks for the list.I'll get it into it's own list on AIQ and take a look..

I have to agree with your sentiments entirely. A speaking faq packet is completely distasteful in my opinion - although I guess it's the ultimate in high technology from a company that makes equipment for the tobacco industry.
Could you please give us your specific settings on each of the criteria?


they are in the original post but copied here for your convenience:

"With reasonable parameters (100m shares, <20% from high, >25% increase in EPS) around 100 stocks are selected. Not all of the stocks will be winners but it provides food for thought."

Since making the post I have relaxed some of the parameters and have a more extensive list and feel less comfortable with the timeliness of the data (some companies seem to have published results that are not incorporated in the sharescope database yet).

I think that the general concept is still sound - and will be watching these minnows for gorilla potential.
It's me again.

Just wondered what people think are acceptable in terms of lower limits for small stocks:


closing price
no. of shares in circulation
liquidity eg.%age of shares not "tightly" held

Any views?
Today the following stocks have given CANSLIM signals:

UTG - Unite Group
SUF - SFI Group
RES - Rugby Estates
MCA - MacAlpine
KIE - Kier
CKN Horace Clarkson
AHH - Ashtenne Holdings

I also notice that on the AIM Motion Poster (MTP) is showing srong momentum.

Any views?