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Well that really is a scam. Crossovers are legit though not very good signals but you need to be selective, otherwise whipsaw and overtrading eat away at the gains. A tough lesson, bad luck mate.
I've bought a couple of things from vince over the's basically overpriced information available for free if you chose to do the legwork online these days

Similar to most vendors out there .......:smart:


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Look guys the trading business is,full if people like vince

As you progress you will realise this......we've all paid out for courses that were in fact valueless at times

You live you learn .....but it's all part of the journey

Just giving transparency here at trade2win regarding such people helps everyone to make their own decisions ......

Vince is one of many many many vendors basically packaging up free systems and selling them at a huge markup.......that's what most trading vendors do.....feed off of the novices hunger for holy grail knowledge

So I recommend beginners spend months online first finding this stuff for free before specialising and perhaps buying recommended research and training



ALL NEWBIES take NOTE ...and don't give F**K all to those SCAMMER marketers especially that SH*TweaselVINCYboystanzione:p:LOL::cheesy:


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Has anyone heard of vince stanzione @
or bought his wookbook on 'Making money from financial spread trading' & 'how to stop existing & start living for £277.00 I would love to hear from any one who has bought his wookbook.

That book is not worth £277, l bought it many years ago for a fraction of that and it wasn't even worth it.
You yourself can find a great strategy for trading but screw up because of a psychological issue and it happens to everyone. You don't need anything from Vince to trade successfully. I would never buy anything from him again including his courses. Be careful, it's a tricky business.

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