Vince Stanzione Financial Spread Betting System


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If you want a simple moving average cross-over system that doesn't work and to be bombarded with junk mail, then it's worth every penny!
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It aint easy

Hill 16 said:
Thanks,is there any software that does work.
NO - you need to study these and other boards, books and practice for a long time. Start reading all you can on these threads. Forget systems and winning software and other scams. There is no short cut, no winning systems or software, just hard work and practice plus mastering your biggest obstacle to success - you!

Good luck ;)
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Hook Shot

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Hill 16, these guys are dead right....but I get the sense it might not leave you anywhere ? If you want to make money daily or every week - I can't add anything. However, if you are willing to WAIT for the opportunities then markets often get stretched - let say within a 2-4wk timeframe and there are opps to take low risk positions. Small position size and use stops since you're still learning !

Hill 16

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In the last few months I was making some money on selling the Nasdaq futures price,but I lost a good bit of money cause the Nasdaq futures rose to its highest levels in years and I didnt have a good stop loss in place.I still think betting on the indices is the best option for me,all I need is to able to put the bets on at the right time.

Hook Shot

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Hill, I know the feeling....... I've had my bouts of low performance too. I found it best to take time out and WAIT for the really juicy opportunities. I recently shorted Dow futures over 11k but in June contract - that's how wimpy I was. However I had to wait a good while until the odd were well in my favour - knowing the US had been up around 90d just added to the probability of a turn. If your trying to earn regular cash like many of these guys - Good Luck they're better than me.


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Vinnie bombarded me with all sorts of paper. Didn't part with a cent.

Enter the share competition that will start on the 27th of Jan. It's under the tab resources. When you realise that to make a profit is an achievement for us newbies or wanna be Alan Rich's, you get an idea and respect those who do this for a living. It has taken me many, many years to qualify in law so I can command a high hourly rate. I can sell you the lazy man's guide to becoming a lawyer along with a certificate for a mere £200.00 Less than Stanziones course I believe. I'll even give you a certificate.

Research is something I do (i don't enjoy it), but when you want to have a punt in trading, research all the reviews regarding traineres, books etc. You might make the odd useless purchase but I guess
Dr Alexander Elder's book 'come into my trading room' doesn't appear to be a con.

Put the effort in and maybe you'll only lose a few quid insted of the £5,000 or so I've lost in one day! Oh, it wasn't real money, nor will it be till I've done my homework...............

Good Luck



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Our man VS must do a mail shot around this time each year as it was round about this time last year that I got mine. I haven't had one this year! He prompted me to join T2W partly because he tells you expressly not to look at bulletin boards about him and partly because I was doing some due diligence on his stuff before parting with any money (which I didn't).

Got to say this though: he doesn't half pull in new membes for T2W ;)

Johnny Bravo

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Hi Hill,

I bought his video a couple of 3 years ago and whilst it is a reasonalbe intro to trend trading, there is a massive amount of worthless filling in on his incredibly expensive trading days. He doesn't even mention money management at all. I've found out that this is 50% of the battle. It will not make you the finished article by any stretch. I've just started to make money and stay ahead after several break-even attempts. Will it continue - who knows? There is no holy grail - you have to spend HOURS researching and back testing and looking at charts. Then when you find something that appears to work without huge drawdowns, you have to master your on psychology!

Good luck!


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Hill 16,
The best way to make money from any system - as evident from the replies you've seen here already - is to be the person who designed it and sells it, rather than the person buying and applying it.

And I guess it's not all that difficult; most such systems appear to be near-clones of some sytem that existed already. Therefore the trick I guess is to spot one of these, dress it in a way that just about avoids any charge of plagiarism, give it an eyecatching name that makes it sound like something new, and the rest is clever marketing.

But I'm just a cynic!


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Swap Vince Stanzione system

Anyone want to swap the Vince Stanzione system ( for some other TA material. Judging by the comments on the T2Win boads it is very basic and a great sales scam but I'd like to see it all the same. Let me know what your looking for of similar value and if I have it maybe we can swap.


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