Vince Stanzione's Master Traders Seminar

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Master Traders Seminar

Hi guys,
I am quite new to all this trading stuff and am interested in intra day spread betting especially because I am home all day. I have come across some videos for sale of the "Master Traders Seminar" where Vince Stanzione has Jim Rogers, Riccardo Ronco, Martin Pring, Chris Byers and Jean-Yves Sireau over two days discussing trading and strategies. I know Vince does his own monthly seminar in Milton Keynes and sells videos of this and I have heard good and bad comments about them. Has anyone seen or attended this Master Traders seminar ?
Are the videos worth the £2000 price tag ?

Agreed. That's too much money to spend.

You can get lot's excellent information for free on the web. Maybe spend some of your money on a few good trading books. That will leave you plenty left to do some live trading for small amounts to see how you get on.
Definitely save your money. There is another thread on these boards all about Vince Stanzione. Worth searching out and reading. After that all the info that he's asking £2k for is probably somewhere on here for free!
Oh No - Here we go again !!


You are not a plant for our Vince are you ?

Seriously though - read the threads here on Vince and save a pile of money ;)

read the other threads on this board and ask questions after doing so.

The advice on this board is free.

Good luck :D


never heard of any of them apart from VinceS, & only heard of him because of the Junk Mail he has sent me & all the Bad things I have read about cant really comment or make judgement on any of them.

what I would say is before u part with any money, on any coaching,teaching etc. is check trading out for yourself, here, read some books. If someone is offering to teach u & charge u for it, Make sure they r going to teach u 'live' trading with 'real' money (theirs), otherwise dont bother.

With trading anybody can learn & teach Theory.....doesn't mean they can teach u how to trade.


Made the huge mistake of attending a VS seminar last year. Complete and utter waste of time and money, with only about 15 minutes of useful stuff lost in 9 hours of tripe. Avoid at all costs. No doubt he has had some successful periods of trading, but I think these were quite some time ago. There are various good books out there, e.g. Martin Pring's, which will give you much clearer insights.
Certainly don't do it. I got the book and the "quality" video. It gave you the basicsbut I have learnt more by reading these boards and asking what may seem daft questions...the guys on here have been fantastic don't ever be worried about asking what you may think is a simple question.
basically everything you are ever going to need is on this site or on other sites on the web - you just have to find the time and more importantly filter out all the gumph.

a trading strategy is a simple strategy - find one that suits your personality, one that you feel works sufficiently well for your goals , test it once and then keep on testing it and then go with it . save your money for icecreams for your kids and a beer at the weekend !

and if you get stuck or lost on the way just ask a question !
I would like to get into trading but have no idea where to start. I have very little money. Is there someone who writes a book using plain english on this subject to get started?
Don't put your daughter on the stage.....

jennialexander said:
I would like to get into trading but have no idea where to start. I have very little money. Is there someone who writes a book using plain english on this subject to get started?

If you have little money then you should not be trading. Take care of other things in life before risking money on the vagaries of the market

Empty pockets and sleepless nights are a fact of life for those who dream of getting rich in the "easy" world of trading.

So save your cash. Paper trade before risking real cash.

Finally, whilst saving up a trading pot I suggest you read all you can on this site and others. Use the search engine. This site has sections on books etc. All you have to do is "search."

Good luck
If you must trade with limited cash, try something like betfair. You can bet on the direction of the FTSE and DOW during the day/week. You can risk as little as £2 and it is a good way to learn how the markets react to certain events and news.

They had an offer where they gave you £20 if you deposited and bet £20.

Also, expect to lose all the money you initially deposit.

I looked into Vince Stanizone a while back and got into an email conversation with him, he sounded very convincing. Then I brought up what people had said about him on various BB's etc. and I got a reply back which shocked me somewhat. Instead of getting something backing up his claims, I got an abusive email basically telling me to go away (but not so polite). I was on the verge of buying his stupid book until he did that, he obviously thought I was a time waster (Wish I had kept the email as it would have made an interesting post on the internet, albeit censored.)
i think that e-mail says it all. i've still to come across anyone who can show evidence that they have traded successfully thanks to VS. enough said.
Getting a bit worried about t2w - they seem to host adverts for all the sharks discussed on these boards!
Sharky's posted about it before - it's a service provided by Google which picks up on the keywords used in the thread to match an advertisement to it. So that is why you will see a link to an appropriate financial advertisement depending on the subject matter.

So just click on the link, T2W gets money in its coffers and Vince ends up paying! LOL
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