Vince Stanzione's Master Traders Seminar

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i think that e-mail says it all. i've still to come across anyone who can show evidence that they have traded successfully thanks to VS. enough said.


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Sharky's posted about it before - it's a service provided by Google which picks up on the keywords used in the thread to match an advertisement to it. So that is why you will see a link to an appropriate financial advertisement depending on the subject matter.

So just click on the link, T2W gets money in its coffers and Vince ends up paying! LOL


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Rainmaker, skim is right - google ads are targeted based on the unique content of every page, so there's no way of knowing what will appear in advance. But we do have a facility to block certain, we just need to identify those ads that we'd rather not carry. If you spot any particular ads you think are not appropriate, please do let me know and I can stop them in their tracks. In the meantime I'll set up blocking of the 'usual suspects' later today.


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I find views in this industry hard to reconcile.

It is commonly perceived that we are surrounded by pervayers of 'crap'. Those that sell something that does not work.

Yet those that trade with something that does not work are at least part of the cannon fodder that makes it possible to take winnings from the market.

In that sense the more cannon fodder produced the more winnings should be available for the taking.

So why is there such a concerted effort to prevent this process?

What if anything does that say about our view of winning?

I am interested in views to help me understand this situation, because I see that we are all playing against each other and frankly I want to win from any of you by any means available to me. This I guess could put my yellow lights out..LOL

Now if we object to these pervayors of 'crap' on the basis they are milking our clientele and leaving less on the table for us then that I could understand.

Awaiting the storm ;) this is really a test to see if I can set a record for putting lights out...



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An interesting point that you are making if I have understood it. What I think you are saying is that because VS etc get others into this activity with systems that dont work then it allows those of us with approaches that do work to take money off them ?

Based on that we should be thanking VS and DW for giving us more people with which to make our living out of.

That said I consider the members of this site more as colleagues (even though I often dont agree with them), and from that standpoint I will help them if I am able to. Outside of the T2W board is a different issue and I am quite happy to keep making money out of those who, (by their own choosing), use approcahes that allow me to.



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You understand my point exactly. As for members here being colleagues rather than being competitors. They can be both,the latter being rather nameless in the market.

For what it is worth I suspect the members here who have been here long enough to be colleagues are also experienced enough not to be the cannon fodder feeding you.



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Great idea!! Why don't we all get together, buy shares in advfn and then click on the link to VS a hundred times each!! Popular capitalism at it's best!


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We should be hard b'stards, and let the sheep get fleeced, but Laura sounds so nice ;). If she's taken the trouble to at least come to this site of bitter and twisted toss...traders, then she deserves our help. Anybody that doesn't ask our esteemed opinion is a [email protected]@t and deserves what they get!

Specifically to VS question, even his super-inefficient MA break techniques would have made money in the very rangey 2000-2002 markets, but I'd bet he's concentrating on his seminar career now.


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Chump - it is an abundant universe. We don't need either to deliberately con others nor should we allow known purveyors of questionable quality trading tools & techniques to con others.

The fact is we can (potentially) take the cannon-fodder's money in trading by normal process and that will happen all of itself, quite naturally, if we have the talent, skill and a bit of luck.

I agree with Paul that t2w is more a society of fellow-traders (no gender bias intended) sharing ideas, thoughts, systems and generally supporting each others' endeavours. Which includes protecting other t2w-ers from wasting their precious trading capital and time.

There will always be more willing suppliers of money to your trading pot - they just wont know it at the time.

I speak as ex-cannon fodder myself.
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Looking at your signatory I had wondered if we were identical twins separated at birth by accident,but perhaps not...LOL

I raised this issue,because there seemed to be a huge amount of support nailing purvayors of 'crap'. However,it is evident that there will be many people who ,no matter how many books they read/how many courses they take, will lose financially to those people who are simply better equipped to win financially in this business.

Nature, as you say will run it's course.

In essence therefore we are arguing about whether those people should be allowed to lose to the purvayors of 'crap' and then to the other players in the market , or is it better if they come straight to you to lose if you are a long run winner?

Objectively, the purvayors of 'crap' might suggest that nature is running it's course in the decision making ability dept that allows these people to make the wrong choices as to where to gather information and develop skills and why should they not profit as well as you from that flaw.

What do you think?



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I'm not sure I don't disagree with you at all Chump...

I'm as anti-regulatory control as the next anarchist, and you're right, the 'crap' purveyors have as much right to exist in a balanced trading universe as anyone else.

If you were to take a jaundiced approach you could say, "while the CF are spending their money on 'crap' courses, they'll have less left for the market - and me!".

Or you could say, "trading is a game and in the best sporting tradition, I enjoy helping others get to my level of skill and success (assuming you were at a higher level than them of course!) just for the hell of it".

It's not like t2w represents the entire set of all traders now and into the future. Even at10,000+ and growing, we're a VERY small fraction of the total.

And as you say, even those reading these posts warning them off certain courses are still going to go for them anyway as they feel it's a necessary part of their education - and they're right.

I think why the majority of people who draw our attention to 'less than good' products/services/trainings/books do so to help prevent others wasting their time and money.

Equally, the extra publicity the constant references to avoid these same products/services...etc. may well provide the same with punters they would otherwise not have had.

It all balances I guess in the long run.


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Just had my latest offer drop through the door.

My personal invite to the UK Masters Spring Seminar at the Sheraton Skyline, London.

With John Gommes, Mike Chantry, Peter Hobday, Phil Gosling and our man Vince.

It is a once in a lifetime opportunity and is guaranteed risk free. But is this about spreadbetting, fixed odd bets, or beating the stock market and taking huge profits in just 5 minutes a day after your tea? Oh no definitely not. This is pure and simple MLM and direct mail.

Oh my how the mighty have fallen. Business must be getting a bit slow on the markets.

And the price? They've REALLY struggled and cut everything to the bone. An absolute steal at £997 for the whole exclusive package. AND, they throw in a buffet lunch as well.

Now where did I put that cheque book...........?


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Lauramacky & jennialexander,

I have not been trading for very long, but in my very inexperienced opinion I would suggest you read this board as often as you can and also check these out:

you can sign up for a 15 day free trial on trend watch fm, in my opinion nick is very good, he explains the reasons behind his forecasting and is quite accurate....although I must admit I have yet to put my money where my mouth is and subscribe!!!!!!! I have searched the threads on this site but cant see anything referencing him......... what does anyone else think? gives many different peoples views on the markets short and concise sometimes lacking in english grammar (because a lot of the authors are foreign) but if you follow all their advice, you will never loose......... you will never win either because they conflict from author to author! but most gives you reasoning as to why they forecast as they do so it gives you experience and the more you look and read the more can get a feel of what is going to happen and why.

the last link is on there because it is the one i personally like the best (and I have made some from)!
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