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Hi all,

I need to buy myself a UPS. It's for one PC and monitor/cable modem so doesn't have to be anything special I don't think.

However I KNOW nothing about this at all.

Anyone give me any pointers/suppliers/prices?


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Thanks for the link TC,
There's such a huge list. I don't know where to start. Can you give me any clues?


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Hi Helen,

The bigger the rating in VA the longer it will last when the power goes and the more it will lighten your profit and collapse your floor :eek:)



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As an example:

Say your PC, Monitor and Cable modem consume 1000W (a little high probably) then a 1000VA UPS should last 1000/1000 = 1 Hour before it's batteries flatten.



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If you just need the protection to close out a trade, then you only need a couple of minutes backup. The one in Dabs for £59 will do fine. In any event , it should last ages ( tens of minutes).


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I've got a UPS which I've had for 3 years as we get occasional power outs for 2-3 mins.

Most major manufacturers give you a table to work out current consumption for computer, monitor etc.. Add them all together (ignore printers as they take quite a bit). Then when you wire them up you need to ensure you only connect those you want protected after the UPS: you need to plan your HT cabling and buy more 4/5/6 way sockets..


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Thanks guys,

I'll go for the Dabs one you suggest Martin as my needs are simple :) (At the moment anyway)


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I only just found this thread...
oooh Helen, and me a co author and Physics teacher!
(I'll go off and sulk now <g>)
PC world have some quite nice ones too - UPS are rated (usually) so you can work out the battery life based on the total power consumption (Watts) of your system. Big question is whether it's to cover for minor spikes etc or actual power loss.
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