Updata Conference 29th Oct - Free tickets!

I'd like to go myself, and hopefully I can get hold of some free tickets for our members! :)
50 Free Tickets to T2Wers!

Hi everyone,

Great news! We have secured 50 free tickets for Trade2Win members from Updata! To claim your free ticket (normally £39) please email your T2W nick, contact email address and phone number to [email protected] - the first 50 replies we receive will be sent a free e-ticket from Updata.

For more information please see the events diary, accessible from the front page or click here to go straight to the event info.

Sharky :)
Thanks to everyone who has already requested a ticket, you will be notified in the next few days with confirmation that you've secured a free ticket. I do have a very limited number of free tickets remaining, so there may still be time to claim one if you send me your details asap.

For those of us unable to attend the seminar, could members please summarise the best concepts and ideas here on trade2win.

Hi Tray-Dar.

We've now passed on the list of the first 50 to contact us, and Updata will be contacting those at the beginning of this week. Anyone who wasn't lucky enough to get a free ticket, I'll let you know just as soon as the those 50 have received their tickets.

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Spare ticket

Hi all
Due to a oversight on my part I appear to have two tickets for this event. If anyone would like a ticket please let me know as i have a spare. I phoned updata and they say they are non-refundable but i can transfer to a nominated person. So if you want one let me know. The cost is £39.

Details here :

A gaggle or a posse?

Just a thought that occured in the chat room this morning....when a group of 'T2W'ers' get together, as is likely next Tuesday, would there be an appropriate collective noun for such a gathering of traders? :confused: :D

Updata have sent the 50 free tickets today to the first 50 perople who I received an email from. Those who didn't manage to get their request in time, I've sent out an email informing them. So everyone should at least have received a reply.

For anyone who missed out on the free tickets, they are still on sale at http://www.updata.co.uk/tradesecrets?s=8 and the cost of £39 includes lunch, refreshments and evening drinks.

I shall be there myself, and look forward to meeting many oft the regular members of the site. Hope to see you there.


Well it was a full day and I made some very detailed notes.

However, for me, the single biggest insight was something that Jack D Schwager pointed out, and it pretty much tied everything together.

You need to find your own method, one that suits your personality and strengths.

So for example you have Simon Cawkwell aka Evil Knievil, who is a chartered accountant. He uses this to recognise the weakness in a company long before others. He uses his age and wisdom to maximum effect.

With Jonathan Tanzman his strength is a quick, focused mind, thriving in a team envrionment.

Bill Adlard - a love of Elliot Wave, moon phases and indicators plus an intuitive ability to apply them.

Pat and Shane - research, dedication, utilising technology and noticing patterns and relationships between stocks.

Nick Sparkes is rather like Jonathan Tanzman in that it is his ability to make a huge volume of trades and exploit a constantly changing market.

Out of these traders eventually you recognise the ones who are closest to your own expertise and personality. There is room for every type of person. However you will fail if you try to do something that does not make use of your strengths.

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Key point for me was Jeremey Du Plessis (UPdata) talking about P&F charts intraday.
Not something I've looked at to day trade because I've never had the software.
I suppose being a software developer will come in handy over the next few days as I knock up a little something.
He recommended to view 2 charts of the same instrument i.e. 1 min and 60 min so you get the big picture and use all the usual P&F stuff.
Anyway full transcripts will be available on the www.updata.co.uk
website by late today (according to Mr Linton).

Also Pat & Shane highly recommended T2W so expect a few newbies checking it out today as there were well over a 1000 people at the conf.