Unable to access trading rooms.


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Can anyone help?
I have new computer running Win XP Home. The firewall is turned off but I am unable to access trading rooms either direct from site or using mIRC.

Hi Romun,

That's strange - it's the firewall that interferes with the connection, so without one there should be nothing to prevent it from connecting. Can you tell me what the error messages are you're getting? Can you connect to any other irc servers apart from Othernet? Might help to figure out what the problem is.

Mine takes a good minute to connec to MIRC with XP Pro and firewall. Did you leave it long enough?
Hi CM,

Have disabled firewall. Using mIRC can't get into ANY chat rooms. Trying direct access from t2w gets me as far as chatroom but can't enter. No problem on old setup using win me. Now have XP home on machine built to your specs - otherwise delighted with new setup.

Hi Paul,

Using direct access from site - get to trading room - message -welcome to trading rooms - connecting to server. Then -connected, please wait (in grey) Nothing happens.


Chartman. I have tried several times to chat with Mooms in the UK chat room . I got into the room ok but how do i use it what do i click on to send a message .No wonder members complain its not easy to use .can someone set out step by step instruction how to use it .I cannot spend all day experimenting . Jon
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Jon- when you get into the chat rom you just stat typing your questions.
Start with " hi Guys"..... if you type 'CM' when you enter, I'll get a voice alert and I can rush to your assistance. :)
Chartman.Thanks for coming back quickly.I am not sure where to start typing Do i type at the bottom or do I need to click on the members name .Sorry about this i have tried severl times and i dont get any reply.
Hi fluke, type at the bottom of the window and press 'enter' it should appear in the room window...

Hi Riz
I have tried typing at bottom but dont get the enter promt. How do i get the enter promt.
j shephard

I am in the room right now - and have written instructions on what you should be doing.
if you are still having problems - then reply here...
Yes I wait longer than a minute. Get to room but am not allowed in. See reply to Sharky.
Thanks to Pinto and Chartman.
I got every thing right but was not aware I had to press return. I do not normally use chat rooms so I was not aware of this.
Hi Sharky, Chartman,

Ended up taking machine back to suppliers. Seems that firewall was still working despite being unticked (disabled).
Set it up tonight and BINGO access to trading rooms both direct from site and using mIRC.
Problem solved can now get down to some trading.

Is that proof of the inadaquacies of XP Home? Iv'e had a lot of machines that customers got me to upgrade to XP Home, only to come back a couple of weeks later and have Win 98 put back on.
The extra £50 for XP pro has to be worth it!!
Roman, I presume you were looking at XP's built in firewall, and not some proprietry software?
Hi Chartman,
It was XP firewall and it was also able to keep me out of trading rooms using mIRC. Otherwise so far so good. Win Me which was on previous computer was freezing several times per session. Have no experience of Win 98. I will keep in mind what you say about XP Pro. if I continue to have problems.
Thanks for that Romun, I must try removing my XP firewall, as I have Nortons Personal Firewall installed, and I sure don't need both.
I would urge anyone considering an Operating System upgrade to discount XP Home in favour of XP Pro.You should be able to get it for around £150. If you can't, I know a man who can........