IB demo system


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For the life of me I can't find the user name and password to access the IB demo system even though have looked through their website. Could someone please assist.

Also seem unable to get into their site from IE at the moment as I get an Apache / TomCat error, but I know I have accessed it recently from work in IE. I guess it may be a cookie issue, anyone else experienced this ? In fact turning off cookie controls in my firewall lets me in. They must have started using cookies recently.


IB TWS and stops !!

Morning all

I hope to start trading Index Futures in the next few days!!! ( probably weeks at this rate ) and at present am "playing" with IB demo.
With the help of various T2W posts, I`ve altered the layout / removed the toolbar and gone to "file-- save settings" How do I remove this "save settings" and return the TWS to" Full size " (default) so I can try to re-arrange it again , to build up confidence / skill in using it.

Also, trading with TWS, if say a" Long" position was entered and a "trailing stop" was used, would this stop act if the index did not rise, but fell straight away at "open" of trade , or would the index need to rise to activate the trailing stop? (or would a "stop" and "trailing" stop need to be used )

Thanks in anticipation

Ken. T.