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I'm away from my own PC today and want to access the trading rooms for a while.

I don't have MIRC installed on this PC (and prefer not to instal it) but can't access the rooms through the site. I get a blank screen etc...

Do I need to change my browser settings, and if so which? I have cookies enabled and Java enabled, as far as I can see.

Whatever the problem is, it means I can't get the Fins prices and trading screens either :-((

All help gratefully received



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Hi Weezy

I have the same problem at work, due to a firewall I can't get rid of. having said that I can access Finspreads, without any problem.

If anyone knows a way around a firewall - without the IT password please let me know. :D
Mirc/Trading Room Access Problems

I tried to access the trading room via Mirc and via the BB and received the message:

Closing Link:
Hill_Farmer[]by (k-lined)
Connection closed.

I used to be able to access. Is this a common problem? Thanks.

Good news. However, the problem was more sinister than I first thought. I deleted the old Mirc and updated to the latest version of Mirc. But, the problem persisted. Well, I logged on via a different ISP and went to Mirc #Help. It transpires I was banned, also known as 'Glined', by the Mirc operators. This sometimes happens from time-to-time, I was told!. It also transpires that I had also collected some strange channels, nothing to do with the finanace channels found on Othernet. I won't go into the details, other than to say most ended with the suffix "*ex". I've still no idea how this situation arose, but clearly the Mirc ops do monitor what goes on.

Anyhow, it's a useful lesson. If anyone gets Glined or "k-lined", go to the #Help channel, explain the problem and you will be re-instated. This has been a little frustrating the last couple of weeks, but we now know how to recognise the problem and what to do. Thanks for your observations. Now, I wonder whatever happened to all those channels I can't access any longer....?
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Were they the pound a minute ones by any chance?
He he...nice to see you back
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