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I can't see as much action on this UK section so hopefully i can start a small ball rolling.

I'm a full-time trader and have been trading FTSE 250 shares for a year now. I use CFD's to leverage my returns and i'm currently earning more a week than i would in a month at my previous job at HSBC. I've spent the last three years of my spare time reading books on investment and business. My search for freedom has lead me to this path. Anyway that's too much about me. Prehaps some ideas.....

A share i have an interest in currently is ANL(Abbey National). It's looking like a buy on this dip could lead to around the 600p mark. Setting a close stoploss has caught me out a few days ago, but i still think this has some potential upside. From a trendline approach this looks like the bottom of the current channel and the risk/reward makes it look worth buying.

SPT is now recent favorite of mine. And buying on the dips again has paid off. CKSN should be mentioned here as their similar chart 'character' of only staying a fews days below a 20MA before moving upward.

Other interests include BATS, CS, DDT and LII.

I hope to find others on the BB's that would like to chat regarding UK shares and at the moment i'm trading on the long side of the market. As Abraham Lincoln once said "It's easier to ride a horse in the direction it's heading"

Thanks for your interest


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I trade 99% UK mid cap and small cap shares. Whilst I'm all for open forums, I would hate to see this BB become like a lot of others - a mill for rumours and traders pushing their idea's on others. Personally I'm not at all happy to disclose any open positions I have ( the exception being Photo me Int'l, but that was only in another thread to highlight a different point) So quite happy to read others views, make the occ comment, but that it'll be it from me on this topic.. sorry if that's not exactly constructive...


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It's not too much of pushing ideas on others as creating conversion and a readable thread. Saying i have an interest in a share does not state that i have a position. And i started this thread to create a recent look on the UK scene. It may be that you move in different paradigms to me...


abbey national is holding some very obvious levels on my relative charts.

had a fake-out on my hour charts however not to much damage done.

holding long against ftse 250 relative(daily).


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Correct City Trader. 5 points to you sir! And for those minds who also concentrate on mistakes. I trade FTSE100 and FTSE 250. That may have been obvious to the trained eye. Good posting guys!


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posting interesting chart patterns is a long, long way from
ramping (difficult to ramp a ftse100 share anyway) whether or
not one declares a position.

I'd like to see more of it (with some charts please!!!)

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Hi [email protected]

I look at the FTSE 100 companies, to practise on and it gives me a chance to get back to my trading roots.

Interesting choice with ANL. Not my personal favourite in the banking sector, I would be more interested in Barclays with this channel.


Also RTR is looking like a good short to me :)


These are just my thoughts and they're worth exactly what you paid for them :cheesy:

Hi Barjon

Charts as requested :)

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Here are some FTSE 100 banking stocks that I day/swing trade.

ANL Daily


  • anl daily.gif
    anl daily.gif
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I am short M&S at the moment
but I wont put up a chart, in case you suffer from vertigo



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but you might like to look at this one
De La Rue.
I use 13 and 65 day ma's
Charts are perhaps a bit different so best to throw up a chart on your own system.

PS: Oh Dear. my charts are even bigger than yours Blue Chip in size anyway but wow, your chart is over 500k. mine is only 25k.

If its a problem, will see what I can do.


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Sorry, for the large file size. In a rush I've exported the charts straight from TA. I should have dumped them in Photoshop, reduced the file size before upload. I try harder next time!

I've been short both M&S and Next. The later has been a very good short.


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I'm just hoping mine is acceptable even though its big in visual size.
I do have software to make them smaller but it distorts the image.


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On M&S, I think we are very close to a turning point
in fact it may have happened on friday?
any views ?

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Next week will reveal the direction of MKS as it appears to be at a cross roads.

The previous green area was solid resistance around 270-275p. It's also a 38.2% fib level.

Short term, my feeling is it should rally toward the 325p benefiting from bumper Xmas sales.


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