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I just had a slight mishap. Having lined up a potential trade, waiting to hit the T (or not) :cheesy: I decided to Cancel. Right clicked the line, ran up to Cancel and hit Transmit, which is next to it, by mistake.
I've previously moved the T button along the trade line, but is there a way to change the order of the list of options on the right click?
Looks like I should've let the trade run :cheesy:


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Why not set up a hot key that cancels the order which is what I have done. All I do is hit "Ctrl+O" and the order is cancelled. I have set up all my hot keys for every function that I coudl want and rarely use the mouse to do anything for orders in TWS.



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oatman - I've done this as well. In my case I paid a ridiculous spread in the pre-open and despite a hefty move in my direction still lost (from memory) about 60c. The easy fix for me was to drag the "transmit" column one place to te right to give separation from the order type. Just left click on the column heading and drag it where you want.


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Roger, sorry to hear you got caught.
I've already got the T across the page.
I was preparing to sell and changed my mind(nothing like a bit of indecision :cheesy: ). This was on the right click. The Transmit is at the top with Cancel underneath it. I overshot the Cancel and transmitted :rolleyes:
I whipped it back for a half+. I never run errors.
Be lucky


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Trailing Stops

Not a layout question but TWS related - hope someone can help.
Is it possible to set a trailing stop in TWS that will trail the High/Low of the 10min bars as the price moves either up or down?
I really need control to be taken away from me! :cheesy:
Don't know if the instrument matters but this is for the ES.
Any help gratefully received.
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