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I`ve just spent a rather pleasant few hours over the last few days trying to get IB / Mytrack /Sierra to work together ( to trade E` mini dow futures )
On TWS , inserted YM for underlying on market data line, then when Bid / Ask price is clicked no figures show. I did get a box --market data request error-- saying subscription was reqd. to get data etc., but I subscribe to Mytrack realtime and thought that this would be used.
IB insist that their data is reqd. in order to get figures on m. data line , is this correct?

Also in TWS, --configure/ api/socket port-- do either or both boxes need to be ticked ?


Ken. T.
No, you must subscribe to the relevant market via IB to get prices. The MyTrack feed is only for your charts. IB supply a price feed once you have subscribed, but it only works whilst on line.

For example, I use the MyTrack feed for backfill, and the IB feed when I'm online as it can be a tiny bit faster sometimes. If you want to do this though, you'll need two copies of Sierra : one for IB and one for MT.

I think both boxes need to be ticked, but as I say, you'll need a seperate copy of Sierra installed for the IB feed. You cannot switch one copy between IB and MyTrack.
Medved QuoteTracker Symbols via IB

Does anyone know how to get both the S&P and Nasdaq Emini future displayed in Medved Quotetracker ?

I have tried inputting ES U3 or ESU3 or ES but nothing seems to work. I can display stock data easily and I do have and ES and NQ subscription so there should be no problem.


I've not used QuoteTracker, but the full IB Symbol for the ES is ES-200309-GLOBEX. Sierra needs that full symbol, so maybe QuoteTraker works the same?

Here is what I have in QT for the nq & es:
The 'U' gives the month of contract there, obviously.

For some reason the YM looks quite different:
ACE:mad:YM SEP 03
Note the extra spaces in there. too many or too few and it won't work.
By the way, I can't show these symbols in TWS (I just trade equities), but QT can pull the data.

Thanks for help, will try to sort it out tomorrow.... should be sober by then!

Ken. T.