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Have been poking around the myTrack and myBroker web sites and getting myself rather confused. I am interested in using their API / SDK to access historic and real time prices, primarily for the US but UK also.

If you go with myBroker, they seem to indicate that there is no monthly fee, trades cost £12.50 for UK and $15.95 for US, but there is a $15 per month charge if your account has no trading activity in a month.

myTrack have a basic pricing plan with delayed prices which costs $5 pm and I think includes historic data, silver costs $19.98 pm but has real time data. Are the $1 per month per exchange costs on top of this (NYSE/NASDAQ/AMEX) ?

Use of their API / SDK seems to cost an additional $25 per month ?

Have I got the figures right, is anyone else using MyTrack ? They look good for data feed, but expensive compared to IB for trading.

What is their quality and uptime like ? I like the idea of connecting directly to their servers rather than hitting a local Java applet which has socket connections to the IB servers.

Any thoughts / comments appreciated.


I have used MyTrack as a data feed for around 18 months and have no complaints. For non real time access you do not need to pay the exchange fees (at least I don't think you do) but if you want to use the API for historic or realtime then you do get collared for $25.

Also if you reside in the EU then you need to add VAT on top.

Most people use the Mytrack feed with Sierra Chart a decent cheap charting package with access's data via another API costing yes you've guessed it $25.

What a few of us do is have MyTrack delayed and use it purely to backfill missing data when using IBs data to Sierra though you will find out that IB is pretty damned good on that score and actually ahead of MyTrack on the ticks by a second or so.

I've been phasing out mybroker, in favour of IB + Sierra Chart over the last couple of months, for a number of reasons.

1. mybroker have had repeated loss of previous days intraday data. This has been going on for several months now. Whenever I use their chat facility someone is complaining about a loss of feed.

2. They only store 30 days (that include non tading days I think) intraday data. Also their own charting has got very slow recently.

3. On line support is only available US trading hours. Support from the UK end is available if you have an account with ODL.

4. I have used their feed for Sierra Chart and that works fine. Like JonnyT I keep them as a backup for my IB data feed.

Sorry to re-open this thread, but if I wanted to use MyTrack for just historic data, to backfill my database every so often, I could use it for just the $25 per month and not get clobbered for any other fees or inactivity charges ?


As regard support through mytrack then you should be able to contact Murray on their london number 02077492205 they have helped me sort out a few problems with the data and services they provide. He is very helpfull

Is anyone else having problems connection to MyTrack this morning? I've rechecked all my settings but still can't get a connection, either thru MyTrack or Sierra.
mybroker/track servers are playing up again, just have to sit and wait till it is sorted chaps.
Had a problem a t about 730 but just let it do its thing amd after a couple of attempts its connected.

If running with sierra ive found that shutting the program down and then restarting solves the connections problem. Waiting for all the charts to load in my chart book also helps before trying to connect to the data feed.
I have managed to connect to mybroker by ticking the login box 'connect using proxy server'
I can get into mytrack by ticking the proxy box, but it doesn't update my sierra charts.

I've tried changing the sierra data feed info but that doesn't help.

Anyone got any ideas?


Mybroker/track servers are the problem so it may be better to leave things for a few hours till US wakes up.
I was on the MyTrack chat last night about 8PM and someone was complaining about their servers having problems then so maybe their problems are persisting. Support said they had been looking at the problems for three hours or so. I got the impression the problems were network related rather than software on the server side.

I've had momentary connection, but now I just get the "...Connecting to server - please wait" message. Even tried rebooting.