Trial Software Deletion


I've just installed a nifty piece of software called Pest Control, I had no idea just how much rubbish I had laying around!
I've got rid of most of it, but I have a few old trading site trials that won't allow me to delete them, even though I have uninstalled them.

I'm getting the message -

'Cannot delete [ file name ] access is denied. Make sure this disk is not full or write protected and that the file is not in use'.

It doesn't look as though there is too much disk space being taken up with these, but I'd still like to get rid of them.

Any idea's as to how I can do this?
Have you tried deleting them from Start ~ Control Panel ~ Add or Remove Programs as opposed the the application itself uninstall program? Sometimes this will work.

.....perhaps right click the file and on the menu declick the 'write protect' button and then delete.....also remove the programme from 'startup'...
The reason the system is not letting you delete the file is because the program in question is running at the time. Don't know about Pest Control, but Ad-Aware will clean up everything for you, including hard to get stuff like programs that stay running and that are hard to remove because even killing the task process will not stop the darn thing (had that happen once). Its safer than deleting the files manually because you may leave something else that may try to start the program, and give an error message whenever it does and fails. Need to make sure you get everything. I recommend getting this one:

It saved me a couple of times already :)