ms9 EOD upgrade doesn't check prior version


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just a little tip for any of you wanting to get the Full version of metastock 9 End of Day for the upgrade price without having to install a previous version.

I bought my copy at a reasonable price ( GBP 106 inc VAT and delivery) from

I needed a new laptop which I bought yesterday. I didn't want to install V8 and then V9 so I just tried to install V9 directly on this computer. -- It worked fine.
As this was a new machine there couldn't have been any hidden files etc to say that V8 had been previously installed.

I was surprised -- I would have thought that the install process would have at least asked for the prior disk.

BTW this disk can't be copied with NERO cd copying software -- but you can make a version that will install -- copy all the files to a directory on your HD and then burn a CD compilation with NERO. Program will then install from that disk as well.

I'm not trying to get round the copy protection for distribution -- I always like to backup my software and data so I always copy a CD for ARCHIVAL purposes. This i'm sure is 100% legal.

I've had enough computer glitches in my time to know that one should always backup --- if you have to re-install due to a HD failure / HD upgrade it's a pain if the original CD becomes corrupted so I always make a copy.

(I like what I've seen from V9 EOD so far. I only trade End of Day so this version is fine for me).


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YEs...however it will ask you to put the original CD in CD drive after approx 90 days of use for verification purpose...
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