Trading ftse futures


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Hi ya Flea.
Spread of 1 to 3 ticks is the norm. How does that grab ya?
Much faster than shares and a different kettle of fish
But you get to pay the tax man rather then the sb's
John (Options)

flea said:
What abouyt these Easy2trade guys that are being mentioned on this sight?

I don't trade index futures at the moment but i'm interested in finding out a bit more.

For instance whats the main difference between trading indices and stocks do you find you need different skills or can you apply the same types of skills to indices as you would trading stocks.

I can see the obvious benefit of only having to concentrate on just a few charts but what about the argument that you are trading against a lot more pro's who are likely to have small and less well informed traders for breakfast.

I hope this thread expands so i can learn more.


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sounds great options. Thanks for the reply. Ill take a look at the easy2trade web site

Mr. Charts

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Thanks John(options),
I looked at it but need to trade emini nas & snp, which they don't do - will look again though.
Good to see there are other ftse players here :)
Maybe I'll start a thread on techniques - maybe we can all learn from one another.


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Not a bad idea on the thread.
The only usa player here that I know of is naz. Don't know if he does mini's (don't think he does actually) but he may be able to give you some pointers.



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Common mr charts lets have another thread on techniques.Then we can learn each others different styles of trading.


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Is anyone using the MEL functionality in J-Trader for spreading Indexes?

I've got a screen from GNI but still unsure of the merits of this spreading functionality.

Advice needed!


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FTSE March 3725's

I am a first timer about to trade FTSE index futures. I have been recommended to go to ADM to trade with but am still looking to see who offers the best support package.
Have been tracking the index by watching it through LIFFE on a delay. Dont understand how a strike closes at say 3. The next morming the board shows the close was 1.5 but the LIFFE sheet from the day before shows it closed at 3seems stops are hit when when the market is closed and jumps back before the opening. Am I missing something.

Also as I am truely a beginner: what are three good signals to watch to enter and leave a FTSE indsex position


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Hellu Edu2u,

The official hours for Ftse Future are 08.00 'til 16.30. That's the "Official" close. The market then continues 'til 17.30.
Does that help? If you're referring to option settlements, I'm not up on settlement procedure but can find out. They do have some strange ways for settlements.
ps. Just a thought, for a start have a look at some moving averages.
I've played with 21 and 55 for crossovers on 1min Ftse future. Not bad, but you must experiment. Conditions change.

Good luck,
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