Day trading FTSE Futures


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I'm new to this game and seem to be struggling with flat markets and whipsaws using the usual MA's MACDs etc. I use IRD as a feed and GNI JPAT system to trade. Whilst it seems fine to me I'd welcome your comments and like to learn from your experiences to find ways of improving successes and alternate (cheaper?) feeds. There seems to be a lot of talk about Nasdaq and Level2, should I switch to this index for more activity?
Hi Trendspotter

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For someone who is new to this game you seem to know a fair amount.
Using MA's and MACD's does result in whipsaws. The reason is that the moving averages really only work on trending markets, which at the moment is pretty pointless - unless your tick trading (in which case the markets are usually trending).

If your looking for an alternative data-feed and charting package, then I would recommend using with a feed from (the silver feed is only $20 a month + a bit more if you want a futures feed)

The Nasdaq is the exchange containing shares, so the Level 2 is the "order book" for each individual shares. Naz is the best person to ask about this.

Hope this helps :)