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Hi everbody,

I need some help :confused: and feedback from those who use esignal for their chartings. At the moment I am using CQG which is one of the best chartings in the market (as far as I know). It is web based and very userfriendly. The only problem is that it is just too expensive. It cost me about £800 a month. So I am thinking of an alternative cheaper software. I saw the esignal software very briefly. Is there anybody who can tell me how reliable the platform is, can you get news as well? if so, which news feed? and how userfriendly is it? can you define your own studies? Can you have study on study? For example can you have MACD of MA? Do you need to install any software or it is java based? All feedbacks are greatly appreciated.

Hi farzin,

I recently got eSignal. I have only had it a while but have found it very reliable so far - and infinately better than the cheap, crappy packages I have used to date. It runs on your local PC. Yes, you can get news (from a variety of sources - check their website). You can write your own studies - using, I believe, a Javascript type language. Don't know how easy it is because I haven't done anything like that yet. There are also tons of studies and functions already available on the Net. Or you can ask eSignal to write you your own studies.

You can get 30 days free (+exchange fees) so just download it and have a look. You can chat to their support staff online, realtime, and they will have you up and running in a few minutes (just go to their website and click 'LiveRep Support').

You might also want to take a look at Ensign Software www.ensignsoftware.com

This runs using eSignal feed as well as several others.

I use Qcharts and you can not define your own studies or put studies on studies - but it has the nicest prettiest charts in the whole wide world.
Hi farzin

£800 a month is pretty steep – almost yearly pre-paid subscription for eSignal.

I’ve been with eSignal for the past two years – data feed is very solid – the charts are not the best in the business but they are being improved all the time (they have employed some good developers lately).

Their support people are also present on www.elitetrader.com.
Q Charts

It seems that Q Charts only supplies US data. So you may have to look elsewhere for European data.

Is this correct anyone?