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Has anyone got any feedback on patsystems J-Trader application. It looks as though it's the online Futures trading platform for GNI, Man Financial and a few others. I have used IB but the demo of j-trader looks far better tuned to scalping and more advanced methods. Anyone had any experience?
Halo - I have no practical experience of this system, but feedback from those that have is that it is very processor and memory hungry, so you will most likely need an up to date PC and OS to get the best from it.
J-trader is brilliant.
I use it, and with depth of market.
This must be the first time ever I've disagreed with RogerM, but I have had no problem using J-trader on either a WIN98 4 year old PC or on an XP laptop. It uses very little in the way of resources.
If anyone wants to start using it privmail me and I can send you a personal intro to my futures broker in Chicago who'll charge $5.80/ RT on eminis.

Hallo Halo, I've been using J-Trader for nearly 2 years. It's OK but I feel they should have updated a few things by now. I've got it on 64k ISDN.Can't get ADSL here. Slows down a bit in the afternoon but I find it fast enough most of the time. You'll probably miss more trades by hesitating than the speed of your connection.I've previously traded it on a 2mb dedicated line and that spoils you a bit. It was one of the favourites out of about 22 trading platforms when the Futures Markets went computer. A lot of the futures brokers use it. I'm through Sucden.You can chose how you set your screen up and save it. I trade Ftse future on Bid/ Offer with Volume and last trade with vol. Another screen with ohl and total vol.
You also get depth of market for 10 points either way. The order is routed through your broker to make sure your money's OK, into the market and back in a split second. Obviously depends on Internet traffic. I use a separate machine for TA, with Tenfore Satellite Real Time feed.
Another post mentions memory. You download the programme each morning and log on.
And finally..yes you can scalp. Better PM when the Dows open.
I watch a Dow tick and a 1min as well.
Let me know if you can think of anything else and I'll try and help.
Happy trading,
I'm new to this board, but this is great.. real responses from real people!!

I've found Man, GNI, Refco offer J-Trader.. I'll start to trawl round and get some quotes from them but if anyone has any contact details for others (Sucden?) it would be appreciated.

I trade Bund Futures but occassionally get sidetracked into ftse, eurostoxx and e-mini's (never make money in FTSE)... I only put on a few contracts per trade but speed is important.

Thanks all...

post removed at request of mate who got in trouble with broker... shame, but suppose their competition will be looking

apologies to Mr Pratt and Tony...
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I'm told by Pats that they now offer GTCs and OCOs however my broker isn't offering this functionality yet.

Is anyone out there using these via their broker??