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Hi all,
Am currently investigating direct access brokers .
I see that lots of you use IB, but before I commit I wondered if anyone has any experience of Spiketrading, and their platform
J - Trader.

Cant remember where the other thread is so I'll reply on this one (hope that makes sense...........)

You can get your trial of J-Trader at any of the following:






(which is the only one I've come across before).

Spike will probably let you trial it if you ask 'em. Don't be shy about trying out this stuff first on a non-committal basis (when you are ready). With the way the market is, they need your custom more than you need them.

Interestingly, IB used to be the only ones that didn't go out of their way to get your custom (but then they didn't have to). Don't know if that is still the same.

I'm also investigating Direct Access brokers and came across Spiketrading on another thread. Had a quick look at their website...but as far as I can tell they don't offer LIFFE exchange products...Can anyone confirm this ???

Thanks in advance..
I use Spike Trading, and think they offer a good service. Spoke to them last week about FTSE/Life contracts. They told me it was being rolled out ASAP.

they are also negotialbe on rates depending on volume, so they beat IB for me, and I could get hold of them when I needed to talk to them. Compared to Man and Refco, they were in a completely different league.
Hampy, the first time you use J-trader, you really do think you just walked into the trading heaven......

It is like they say in "the game", I wish I could do it all over again. ;)
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J-Trader = J-Pats?
If so it is an excellent system. I used it extensively when I traded emini Nas and S&P futures and it was totally reliable.
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