Trading = Athlete | What are your lifestyle tips?


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Being a trader is like being an athlete. Everything you do in life affects your trading performance.

Here are my personal 5 tips:

1. Intermittent fasting
2. Supplements (fish oil & Spirulina)
3. Daily exercise outside
4. Sleep & naps
5. Max 1 liter of beer on weekdays 😉

What are yours?

I'll share my biggest DO NOT DO if this thread gets some MOMO
Been doing IF since 2009 or so, not super strict, but usually only eat for my window of after 4pm and have one meal a day, and nothing after 8pm.

If I am on vacation or out with friends /family etc I will eat with everyone else.

I have talked about this before in my journal here, my Zen Habits to Successful Trading post.

I take a bunch of vitamins, highly recommend the ones by Optimum Nutrition, probably the highest quality vitamins in the world.


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True. If you stop running for a few days, you can’t get back on the track easily. Likewise, with trading. I exercise regularly and engage in mind exercises like Yoga and mediation to avoid stress and understand my emotions in a better way.
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