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Dr Doug "The Head Coach" discusses the psychology of trading and the similarities between coaching the top athletes and the top traders.
How did it all start? (How did you get into trader coaching?)I played baseball my whole life and through college (I was a catcher). When I graduated, I got a job on trading floor for a proprietary trading firm at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. They used to hire athletes almost exclusively because they believed athlete?s made better traders. Anyways, I worked there for a few years and then a herniated disc in my lower back forced me to leave the floor and trade equities electronically. I did that for about 9 months and then realized I wanted more out life so I left the trading world to go coach baseball?figuring I would be poor but happy. I went to do my masters degree in sport psychology and as I started to learn more about it, I began to bridge the gap between trading and sports and realized the same strategies I was using with athletes...

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interesting stuff.

i found the remark about visulisation with athletes interesting. can visualisation be of use to a trader? i guess it would be kind of dificult to see yourself thinking correctly, thinking in probabilities, thinking objectively etc.

satish basava

though there may not be exact correlation between sports and trading , trading has many similarities with sports. you just have to treat the losses as the points given to the opponent and had to move on and continue to play. your aim is to win the match not necessary that you win by not yielding a single point to the rival just as at the ennd of the day or week or month you have to be consisitently winning losing some money on the way and i strongly feel so long as you are trading treat it as a game which should be well played by updating your technique/yourself
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