Tradestation 2000i and eSignal


Having recently re-subscribed to eSignal after they added London Stocks to their datafeed, I am having some difficulty in setting up the symbols in the Tradestation symbol list.

When I add, e.g. Marks and Spencer as MKS with London Stock Exchange as the exchange, the symbol comes out as MKS-LS - i.e. the old version. eSignal now requires the symbol to be MKS-LON.

Anyone have any idea how to do this?

Thanks in advance
In Global Server double click on the old sysmbol for M & S and you can edit the actual name as shown in the attachment:




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Thanks for that. I tried it and (eventually) it worked. Had to stop and re-start the GlobalServer a number of times but I now have a procedure that gives me what I want.

The effect observed was that I could add the Symbol to the Radarscreen and see the ticks but when I tried to create a chart it said No data. I had previously had this for new FX Symbols and finally found a solution.

I am now confident that I can add FX and London Stock symbols successfully. If anyone else is having problems, please let me know and I can post the whole procedure step by step.

After a bit more poking about, I've discovered that the -LS (and all the other Exchange postfixes) are held in the file exchange.txt in the Server/DBCOnline directory.

I am going to try editing this from LS to LON and setting up more LSE symbols and see if that solution works.

Modified -LS to -LON in exchange.txt as planned - this time the exchange code comes out as -LO !!!

There must be a way to get it to look at the extra character but I'm not sure I can be bothered. Paul's tip about dynamically changing the name works (provided you remember to restart the GlobalServer). So I think I'll call a halt to the experimentation.

Unless someone has an idea about getting it to recognise -LON ???

Coming ... Active X for TS


Next week eSignal we begin beta testing a new ActiveX for TS plug in to allow TS2000i users to gain access to eSignal's tick and history data. No longer will the user need a third party utility for this. With the over 75 exchanges we wanted all users to have full access to our eSignal datafeed.

We will start new thread on eSignalCentral for this.

Visit us @


Thanks for the info about eSignal developments.

Just as a matter of interest, are there any plans to add UK Stock Options to the eSignal datafeed. This would be of great interest to myself and, I suspect, other T2W members.

At present, I get my options data from MyTrack but would welcome being able to get all the data I need from a single source.