Thank you Trade2Win!!


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Recently had the privilege of meeting some of the guys who started Trade2Win 15 years ago and who continue to make it happen - nice bunch of guys!

Afterwards I thought I should say "thank you" in writing (rather than just think about in my head!) for all the work they do in keeping this forum going over so many years . My levels of forum activity have varied over the years but thanks to the forum I have learned a lot, found great resources and made some really meaningful connections with other traders in the UK. Am sure that many other forum users are able to echo those comments!

So thanks a bunch to Sharky, Timsk and Trader333!! Thanks so much for all your hard work over the years :clap::clap:

[There might be others who are involved, of whom I am not aware :eek:]


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You should have posted some photos and made a short Youtube video of your encounter with the people who founded Trade2Win :eek::cheesy:


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1000% agree.................T2Win is a great forum and feels like an old friend to me



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Agree with all the previous posts. Where else could you get informed/uninformed/interesting/crazy/totally useless/worth their weight in gold/literary punch-ups: comments, lessons, discussion, put-downs, reasoned argument and anything else that you care to name. Only on T2W!

Since joining in 2005 it's been my daily antidote to the mad-ar$e world that we all have to live in. So thanks very much Sharky and team – keep up the good work. :)

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Cheers folks, much appreciated! Next year perhaps we'll try and organise some more meet-ups, always a pleasure putting a face to a name. I don't think we took any photos, although I'm pretty sure somehow had a selfie stick - or perhaps that was just one beer to many.. :drunk:


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...or are they just merely getting by or getting standard average, collective market returns
Not even that in some cases I suspect Lawrence but, fortunately for them and for the members of this fine forum, making returns from trading - be they outsized or otherwise - isn't a necessary prerequisite for running T2W in order to achieve its aims and objectives!
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Yes, thank you T2W.

Some good people around....I am impressed with Tim, he is always balanced and his posts sprouts knowledge and grace.
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