T2W Xmas Bash 2002


Hi everyone,

That favourite/worst time of year, depending on your preference, has come round again.. so soon! Last year we organised xmas bash at TGI Friday's in Covent Garden which was good fun, good conversation and a great opportunity to put a face to the regular and some not so regular members.

The date I have in mind this time round is Saturday December 14th, but I'm open to suggestions for where to go. It will probably be London again, apologies to anyone who is not in easy reach, perhaps an alternative event could be organised for somewhere like Manchester if there's enough interest.

As always everyone is more than welcome, partners too - I've managed to convince my better half to come along.

So if you have any ideas for a venue please let me know. We'll need to act quite quickly as places always book up well in advance.

This is getting really close and a distinct lack of interest :( Surely there must be some peeps that want to meeet up in London for and evening's social and some inexpensive nosh and booze? The suggestion is the 14th Dec.......
Hi Guys.

I'd love to come but we have friends over for a meal that night. I think you'll find that lost of peoples weekends are now full until after Xmas. At least mine are. Pity I would have liked to have seen you all again and have a natter.
Hi all

I'm up for something in London. :)
I don't really mind where we go. :)

Yours, never helpful :D
Just in case no-one has seen FSTE Beater smile, he really DOES look like the smiley symbol :)
That's more to do with a dodgy tan than natural colouring ;)

Come on peeps - there must be some ideas of where to go.
Cool, What time shall we all turn up Helen.

Allright if I bring 5 friends?


(Only kidding)

(I don't think one of them can make it.)
That takes me back...

Perhaps we should organise something this year, those xmas drinks used to be fun.
I remember a great t2w xmas meal in China City (now called Imperial China) in Soho.
Which year? Can't remember.
I'd go again - there were some good people there that night.